1 ounce Silver Bar - PAMP Suisse Lunar Rabbit


PAMP’s series of Lunar Calendar ingots in fine silver is among the most popular precious metal collectibles in the market. Due to their unique design, symbolic meaning, and collectible value, these ingots can be both an interesting investment and a treasured keepsake.

Lunar rabbit PAMP silver ingot, a symbol of good fortune for 2023

PAMP's Lunar Rabbit silver bar celebrates the Chinese lunar calendar year of 2023, the year of the Water Rabbit. Every silver bar in the Lunar Calendar series is engraved with the Chinese symbol for its respective animal.

The 1 ounce (oz) Lunar Rabbit PAMP silver bar, on the obverse, features a rabbit holding a carrot and sitting beside an overturned basket full of vegetables, with the Chinese character symbol for “Rabbit” above it. The bar's obverse shows the rabbit from behind. Additionally, the bar is engraved with its fineness, serial number, and weight.

Why buy PAMP silver ingots

PAMP is the world's leading brand of precious metal bars and ingots. They introduced a variety of motifs to their ingots, thus revolutionizing the precious metals industry.

PAMP’s first design, and the most famous of all, is the Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess, and daughter of Jupiter. Lady Fortuna is always represented veiled, with her cornucopia and her riches flowing on her hollow hands. These two mythical ornaments are symbols of wealth and prosperity.

PAMP silver ingots are struck from 999.0 pure silver and produced in accordance with the highest quality and authenticity standards.

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