6x5 g PEZ® Spring Bunny Silver Wafers & Dispenser Gift Set


Characteristics of the PEZ® Spring Bunny Silver Wafers & Dispenser Gift Set

This season, the PEZ® Gift Set returns with a new special 2023 design of the loveable spring bunny in an Easter-themed design.

The set contains exact replicas of the famous PEZ® candies made of 999.9 pure silver, as well as an authentic matching dispenser.

Here are its key characteristics:

  • Limited mintage of 2,500 sets
  • Produced by PAMP
  • Contains almost 1 oz of fine 999.9-pure silver in 6 units of 5 grams each
  • Includes improved and reinforced packaging, as well as novelty candy dispenser

Why PEZ® Spring Bunny Silver Wafers & Dispenser Gift Set is a great collector's item

PEZ® dispensers were introduced in 1927, and have been popular collectibles ever since. Originally launched as an alternative to smoking, the product quickly gained popularity in the U.S. for its colorful fruit-flavored candies and hygienic dispensers.

PEZ® started featuring popular characters on its dispensers, which have been considered collectible and beloved keepsake over the years.

Holding collectible precious metals products like PEZ® silver wafers can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, precious metals have historically proven to hold their value over time, making them a relatively safe long-term investment.

Additionally, collectible items may have additional value beyond just their metal content, such as rarity, historical significance, or aesthetic appeal, which can increase their worth to collectors and when reselling.

Why PEZ® Spring Bunny Silver Wafers & Dispenser Gift Set can be a great gift

This Limited Edition PEZ® Spring Bunny Silver Wafers & Dispenser Gift Set is officially licensed by PEZ® and is truly magical. With a limited mintage of just 2,500 sets, this is a highly sought-after collectible that you won’t want to miss out on.

Produced by PAMP, one of the most renowned precious brands in the world, that has been on the list of trusted refiners since 1987, this set features pure silver PEZ® mini “sweets” struck in 5 grams of pure 999.9 silver.

Each wafer bears the world-famous PEZ® brand name on the reverse and PAMP’s hallmark of authenticity on the obverse, and measures 15 x 8 x 5 mm, approximately the same size as an actual PEZ® candy wafer. As sweet as they look, PEZ® silver wafers are not edible!

The bars are encapsulated in a custom-fitted clear display case and contained in an authentic dispenser featuring a colorful illustrated spring bunny. The packaging is adorned with a springtime scene, depicting the adorable bunny, flowers, and a sunny sky.

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