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1 ounce Gold Bar - PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna


This one ounce (oz) gold bullion, or 31.10 grams (g), made by PAMP Suisse is embellished with the goddess Fortuna. It was the first image ever depicted on a gold bar - making it a timeless classic.

This is one of the most prestigious investments you could make in the gold industry. The goddess Fortuna was one of the first personalities to be represented on a gold bar. She is always represented with a conch shell full of gold and wealth. Gold investors will recognize this prestigious gold bar anywhere, and they will seize this unique opportunity to buy this unique gold bar. The value of this product and the price of gold tend to maintain the wealth of gold investors.

This beautiful gold bar features the elegant image of Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess, and the daughter of Jupiter. As always, she is represented with her mythical attributes: the wheel of fortune, and bearing the cornucopia, which spreads the richness of her extended hands. On the other side of the bar, we have important information displayed such as the unique serial number, the weight of the gold bullion, and the purity of the precious metal.

Please handle your gold bar carefully. We recommend that you use gloves when you handle it to prevent it from getting dirty or leaving fingerprints on the gold bar. We also recommend that you store your investment in a presentation case or an attractive display.

This product can be authenticated with Veriscan.

Cost-efficient and simple to use, this advanced scanning technology instantly authenticates any PAMP precious metals product bearing the VERISCAN™ logo.

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