Invest in 25x1 gram Fine gold Lady Fortuna - PAMP Swiss - Veriscan
Invest in 25x1 gram Fine gold Lady Fortuna - PAMP Swiss - Veriscan
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25x1 gram multigram Gold Bar - PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna

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Presentation of 25 x 1 g gold bars 999.9 Lady Fortuna Veriscan

This multigram Fortuna is made up of 25 gold bars weighing 1 gram (or 0.80 ounces) each. These Lady Fortuna bars are best-seller and popular among investors, collectors, and gold lovers.

The reputable PAMP Suisse brand produces these Lady Fortuna bars illustrating their commitment to providing high-quality products.

PAMP is a brand located in the beautiful country of Switzerland, known for its stunning scenery. Every product from PAMP reflects the natural charm of the area. The PAMP Suisse refinery is renowned for its elegant and high-quality products, which are widely recognized for their superior craftsmanship.

Before refining anything, PAMP goes through a strict verifying process. It ensures that its suppliers are legit, ethical and that their business practices are conducted responsibly. They also verify the material's origin and the transportation chain's integrity.

This 25 g gold bar Lady Fortuna multipack can be a wise choice for beginner savers looking to buy gold. PAMP Suisse products are still popular among investors looking to diversify their savings portfolio.

The PAMP Gold bullion showcases Lady Fortuna, representing prosperity, luck, and fortune. Her mythical attribute, the cornucopia, is beautifully depicted, spreading wealth from her extended hands, symbolizing prosperity. On the reverse, you can find important information, like the unique serial number, the weight of your gold bar, and the gold purity (99.99%).

Handle your ingots cautiously, and we advise using gloves to prevent any dirt or fingerprints from affecting their pristine appearance. To enhance the style and protection of your 25 x 1 g gold bars Lady Fortuna Veriscan, we suggest storing them in a presentation box or an appealing display case, ensuring your gold maintains its unique charm.

This product can be easily authenticated using Veriscan, a scanning technology that verifies its authenticity. It offers a simple and cost-effective way to ensure your investment is genuine.

What is the price of a Lady Fortuna 25 x 1 g gold bar multipack?

The price of a 25 x 1 gold bar multipack is calculated by multiplying its gold content by the current gold spot price and then adding the premium.

The price of a 25 g gold bar Lady Fortuna multipack (as of 25 June 2023) is as follows:

  • €1,640.35 with fees of €278.52 per oz
  • CHF1,601.97 with fees of CHF271.63 per oz
  • $1,785.49 with fees of $301.46 per oz
  • £1,405.75 with fees of £239.29 per oz

Please note that the pricing may vary based on the current market rates and additional fees. It's always recommended to check the most up-to-date gold price before buying.

How to store your gold bars safely

You can have your 25 g gold bar Lady Fortuna multipack shipped to you or store it in our secured vaults outside the banking system in Switzerland.

Our secure vaults are fully insured against theft, loss, and damage, also covered by another insurance (known as counter-insurance). All our vaults are inaccessible to the public for security reasons.

GOLD AVENUE's storage services provide you with complete peace of mind. Your PAMP gold will be stored securely in fully allocated and insured storage facilities, independent of the banking system. With zero commission fees for resale and the added convenience of reliable shipping partners for product redemption, you can trust that your gold savings are in safe hands.

How to resell your gold bar?

On GOLD AVENUE, you can resell your stored 25 x 1 g Lady Fortuna gold bars anytime with 24/7 access and zero commission fees.

Our Wallet’s performance tool lets you keep track of your product’s value effortlessly. It provides real-time monitoring, assisting you in making informed decisions about when to sell.

What are the advantages of investing in small bars

There are several advantages to owning the 25 x 1 g Lady Fortuna gold bars.

The flexibility

One of the main benefits is its flexibility, as smaller bars can be easily divided and sold separately if needed. This means that investors can sell a portion of their investment without having to sell the entire bar, providing more control over their assets.

The possibility to diversify the investment portfolio

In addition to flexibility, including small gold bars like the 25 x 1 g gold bars Lady Fortuna in an investment portfolio can help diversify it. By adding gold to their portfolio, investors can reduce risk and protect their wealth in the long term.

Best value to start building gold savings

For new investors, the 25 x 1 g Lady Fortuna gold bar multipack can be a way to start building their gold savings.

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