Fine Gold Coin 900.0 - 40 Francs Napoléon Bonaparte Premier Consul An XI

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"This gold coin of 0,3734 of an ounce, or 11,61 grams (g), is the oldest that exists, it was created in 1802 called ""An XI"" and stopped in 1803 said ""An 12"", this coin was built by the law of the 7 germinal (28 March 1803) to the attention of the first consul Bonaparte during the period of the consulate.

On the obverse there is the effigy of Bonaparte is represented looking to the left, and the name of the engraver, Pierre-Joseph Tiolier. On the reverse, the value of the coin 40 Francs in a crown formed by two olive branches tied at their base. The date ANXI framed by the workshop letter A (Paris) and the symbol of the general engraver.

This gold coin was minted exclusively in Paris."

  • Product ID: XAU0020902P
  • Year: 1802 - 1803
  • Mint Mark: French Mint
  • Purity: 0.900
  • Weight (g): 11.61 g
  • Weight (oz): 0.373 oz
  • Diameter: 26.00 mm