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Feb 3, 2022

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Meet GOLD AVENUE CEO, Alessandro Soldati, in our first Q&A video session!

To connect with you, we have decided to organize live video events on YouTube where Alessandro Soldati, CEO of GOLD AVENUE will be available to answer your questions directly!

To give you an idea of what these videos will look like, here is the very first Live that took place on 02/02/2022!

You can find the video below:

What is the video about?

During this first Live, Alessandro answered all the viewers' questions:

Cryptocurrencies, precious metals storage, gold or silver, etc... many very interesting questions to which Alessandro Soldati gave straight answers!

Some of them might be very interesting for you.

Take a look at them!

Have cryptos become a better safe haven than gold?

"[...] it's an area that's just getting started [...]"

"There is high volatility [...] if you don't want to see your wealth double every two months [...] it's worth having them in your portfolio, but diversifying with less volatile assets (like gold)"

Storage of purchases was originally free, why is this no longer the case?

"We are part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, the world leader in the precious metals sector, which owns in Switzerland one of the largest refineries in the world and where we started to store our precious metals [...] at GOLD AVENUE we grew very fast and we quickly needed space in the vaults [...] we have other vaults that we rent in a bank in Zurich. Of course, we have to pay the insurance and these costs are therefore logically reflected on everyone, including our clients [...]"

"It's not our goal to make money on storage, it's really to make it easier to access your products"

"We ensure our insurance and this involves huge costs [...] we have a very strict policy regarding risk-taking, so automatically we are obliged to ask our customers to contribute to these storage costs".

Is it worth investing in gold today given the state of the markets?

"[...] In the long term, gold remains a proven investment, so it's certainly worthwhile [...] you put a little aside every month and forget about it [...] that's what I do: I buy it, I forget about it, and it allows me to sleep well. If one day I have a financial emergency I know I can use it."

Why do people say that gold protects against inflation?

" We say that gold protects against inflation because when inflation occurs, you have an extra amount of money that comes flooding into the economy, which drives up the price of gold but also of other assets such as oil, wheat, etc. [...] it allows you to secure your savings in something (gold) that cannot be printed."

If GOLD AVENUE disappears; how can customers get their gold back?

"GOLD AVENUE is part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, which is one of the world leaders. They sell gold on the COMEX in New York, they have a refinery in Switzerland and another huge refinery in India. It's a family that has made a difference with its reputation and has the authority to certify its gold as pure gold. So we have a solid foundation. In the worst-case scenario where GOLD AVENUE were to disappear, there would be a long transition period where customers can choose to withdraw their gold or sell it directly at market price."

Do you want to know how our precious metals are stored? Or maybe you want to know why gold is a good investment?

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