#silversqueeze guy symbol reddit wall street guy with sunglasses symbolizing the silver squeeze movement that pushed silver prices up


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Mar 1, 2021

The #silversqueeze movement took the investment world by storm and has the potential of shaking up the silver market. Will it be here for the long term?

If the media frenzy around the #silverqueeze movement has quiet down a bit, the movement itself hasn't bowed down.

In North America, most bullion dealers still have trouble putting their hands on silver stocks.

We even saw silver ounces being sold on eBay with a 100% premium 😮!

So, is the #silversqueeze movement going to shake the silver market?

The jury is still out...

But one thing is certain, there is more chance that retailers will move the silver market than the gold one. The silver market is roughly ten times smaller than the gold market.

In other words:

the total silver market is estimated at around 1.5 trillion,

the total gold market is estimated at around 11.5 trillion.

Therefore, the #silverqueeze movement would need to invest ten times less money to move the silver market than it would for the gold market.

So if you want to do your part for the movement, you can start buying silver 😉.