Why invest in silver:
A promising metal

With investment and industry demand growing, silver can be an interesting purchase for many savers and investors. Learn why.

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Why buy silver?

Reasons people buy physical silver

An affordable metal

Silver is an affordable precious metal compared to gold: which is what often makes it a first choice for many savers and investors as they can buy more silver for the same price.

Demand is expected to rise

General demand for silver, both from industries and investors, is expected to continue rising in the coming years, thanks to its use in tech and as a protection against inflation and economic downturns.

A good way to diversify

Silver, like gold, is seen as a protection against inflation and is often used as a way to diversify one’s portfolio. Its growing industrial use can also make it interesting in times of economic growth.

Exceptional properties

As an adaptable metal with exceptional conducive and reflective properties, silver is increasingly used as a key component in green and sustainable technologies.

Is now a good time to invest in silver?

A more volatile metal with long-term potential

Less talked about than gold for long-term saving or investment, silver can be a powerful asset in a diversified portfolio.

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Silver, much like gold, is often used as a safe haven in times of crisis and inflation.

Its use in industries also make it an interesting asset during periods of economic growth.

Investment demand for silver has been on the rise since 2016.

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Silver is becoming a key element in green and tech industries (electronics, solar energy, batteries, electric vehicles, etc.)

As such, silver’s industrial demand is expected to grow further in the coming years. This growth along with rising investment demand, could help sustain a higher silver price.

Silver purity and quality check on coins and bars


Because of its dual demand, the price of silver tends to fluctuate on the short term, usually more than gold, for example. This higher volatility can potentially bring short-term profits for investors ready to take on some risks.

But its constantly growing industrial use and general demand also make it an interesting long-term addition to any portfolio alongside gold.

Ready to invest in silver?

Before buying,
check your country’s VAT rate on silver

When you buy silver, most countries will apply VAT as silver is considered an industrial product, unlike gold, for example.

VAT costs can increase the price of silver

Chart of the VAT costs on silver in European countries

In Switzerland, when buying and storing silver, you will pay 8.1% VAT. However, other countries can charge much higher rates, with 20% VAT in France and the UK, 19% in Germany, or 22% in Italy.

Interested in buying VAT-free silver?

We’ve designed a unique solution to let you buy silver with 0% VAT

Buy silver
without VAT

VAT-FREE silver is made for those looking for the best price. With no VAT and low premiums, make the most of your budget and buy silver from our VAT-FREE range.

Store in special secure vaults

Our VAT-FREE silver products are stored in secure Freeports, special economic zones where VAT doesn’t apply.

Enjoy free storage and instant resale

With our unique solution, you can buy VAT-FREE silver and enjoy free storage up to $10,000.00 in insured stored products, and instant resale with no commission!

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Fees: $3.21 per oz

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55% of our customers choose VAT-FREE silver when buying silver with GOLD AVENUE!

Why choose us?

A secure place for your physical silver

Bestselling Swiss-made
silver bars

We selected the best physical products on the market, with Swiss-made PAMP® bars directly from the MKS PAMP refinery.

Store for free with no commitment

Simply choose our free insured storage directly in your cart, and we’ll store your products for you in our secure vaults outside the banking system. They'll remain available for resale at any time.

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Easily manage and resell your precious metals savings 24/7, with no commission. Get your money, whenever you need it.

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As the official retailer of the MKS PAMP GROUP, the world leader in precious metals, GOLD AVENUE offers:

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GOLD AVENUE is the official online reseller of the MKS PAMP GROUP, a Swiss family group with a global reputation.

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Silver faq

Savers and investors also asked

How is my silver stored with GOLD AVENUE?

All the products you purchase are 100% yours and are physically stored in our vaults in Switzerland, outside the banking system.

A certificate of ownership listing all the products you store with us can be downloaded at any time from your online personal account.

Where are the vaults, and can I have access to them?

Our vaults are located in secure locations in Switzerland. For security reasons and to ensure the safety of your precious metals, we only allow strictly limited access to our facility. VAT-FREE products are kept in a secure Swiss Freeport vault and are not available for pickup or delivery. Although we recommend using our insured storage solution with free and instant resale, other silver products are available for pickup directly from our vaults. Please contact us directly for more information on pricing and how to organize a pickup.

What happens if GOLD AVENUE goes out of business or if someone steals my assets?

All of your stored products are off our balance sheet and you remain their one and only owner. If GOLD AVENUE were to cease its business activities, each customer will be contacted personally to organize the delivery of his/her assets. In addition, your products are insured at all times against theft, damage, and loss.

How do VAT-FREE products work?

VAT-FREE products are kept in a secure Swiss freeport where the 8.1% Swiss VAT does not apply. To remain VAT-FREE these products are for storage only and are therefore unavailable for delivery. However, just like our other products, you can sell them back to us instantly, 24/7, and with a 0% commission.

Do I have to pay for storing my VAT-FREE silver products?

If you store below CHF100,000 in precious metals value with us, the first 3 months of storage are free. After that, your storage remains entirely free if you store less than CHF10,000 in precious metal value. If you store between CHF10,000 and CHF100,000 in precious metals value, you will simply pay CHF8/month for storage. If you would like to store above CHF100,000 in precious metals value, you will pay 0.5%/year based on the value of your stored precious metals. Finally, storage insurance is included for everyone, at no extra cost, to cover your stored precious metals against theft, damage, and loss, at all times.

Can I easily resell my products?

While our VAT-FREE silver products are for storage only and cannot be delivered, you can resell them back to us instantly, 24/7, directly from your GOLD AVENUE account and with a 0% commission.

Will the price of silver go up in 2023?

So far, the jury is split on this question. As a volatile metal, silver is driven by many factors, including industrial and investor demand.

In 2023, the silver price may get some support from the growing deficit driven by unprecedented demand for physical metal, meaning that there’s a potential for it to go up.

Read our SPOTLIGHT to learn more about the price of silver in 2023.

Can I speak to someone easily if I need to?

Of course, our customer service team is here to help. You can contact us via online chat (click on the icon on the right), email (info@goldavenue.com), or call us at +41 (0)22 518 92 11. Located in our head office in Geneva, our customer service team currently speaks the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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