Bilan Chooses GOLD AVENUE Among Switzerland’s Top Young Startups

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Jun 17, 2022

Alessandro Soldati with a white shirt and a yellow background, where we can see Bilan written

GOLD AVENUE’s CEO Alessandro Soldati was selected by Bilan magazine as one of French-speaking Switzerland's most promising young entrepreneurs.

We are pleased to announce that GOLD AVENUE's CEO, Alessandro Soldati, and board member, Cyril de Bavier, were featured in Bilan, Switzerland's leading economic magazine, as Romandy’s most talented young entrepreneurs.

What is the article about?

The article showcases top young startups founded or managed by ambitious Swiss entrepreneurs, while stressing the economic strength of the Romandy region:

“With this overview dedicated to young entrepreneurs under the age of 40, we invite you on a journey of discovery of more than one hundred people from the French-speaking part of Switzerland who are not afraid to take risks to stimulate competitiveness and employment in Switzerland,” the article says.

Bilan Review of GOLD AVENUE?

“GOLD AVENUE provides easy and secure access to gold and precious metals by making it easy to buy, store, and resell them. GOLD AVENUE is part of the MKS PAMP GROUP, the leading Swiss precious metals company. Launched in October 2017, GOLD AVENUE has built a fast-growing community of over 40,000 users, with an annual turnover of CHF 200 million. In 2021, they won the Best Swiss Gold Reseller Award. They are planning to continue expanding in Germany and Europe. Their target: reaching 100,000 customers by 2025.”

Cover of the magazine Bilan

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