How Do You Make Gold Bars?

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Mar 8, 2022

GOLD AVENUE CEO Alessandro Soldati meets Mathieu Faraco of Libre&Riche to give him a tour of MKS PAMP refinery in Ticino, Switzerland

Here’s a rare sneak peek into one of the world’s biggest gold refineries.

Have you ever wondered how gold is made into bars and coins? We can show you!

Our CEO Alessandro Soldati went down to Ticino, Switzerland to give a tour of the famous MKS PAMP refinery to Mathieu Faraco, the host of Libre&Riche, a popular YouTube channel.

Since very few people have ever been allowed to film inside the refinery, this video is a rare opportunity for you to see all the processes that gold goes through before reaching you.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • “Around 25% of gold produced each year comes from recycling.”
  • “There are certain techniques one can use to extract gold if it’s mixed with other metals, such as silver, platinum, or palladium. And that’s what a refinery does.”
  • “Gold can be refined with nitric acid. When gold is added to the solution containing the acids, impurities separate from gold. 99.999% pure gold is what you get at the end.”
  • “All gold products are then tested in the laboratory, which issues a certificate confirming the purity of gold.”
  • “GOLD AVENUE finds itself in between the refinery and the ultimate buyer, and the majority of gold [products] that we sell are stocked here, in the vaults of the [MKS PAMP] refinery.”

Want to know more? Tune in to see the full video here:

To turn on English subtitles, got to the bottom of the screen, click on Settings ➡️ Subtitles/CC ➡️ Auto-translate ➡️ English.

Who are Libre&Riche?

Libre&Riche is a popular YouTube channel led by French lawyer and finance expert Mathieu Faraco.

The channel is for those who seek to learn more about personal finance, savings, and investment.

Many thanks to Mathieu and the Libre&Riche team for their cooperation!


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