How to Buy Physical Gold Online in 2022?

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Jan 23, 2022

YouTube video frugalisme et liberté financière with Alessandro Soldati

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO Alessandro Soldati was invited for an open and lively discussion on a popular YouTube channel Frugalisme et Liberte Financiere.

Alessandro answered all the top questions gold buyers might have about saving and investing in precious metals.

Below you will find only a tiny part of the topics they discussed:

Key takeaways

  • Physical gold is a must-have in your investment portfolio: “Some people, especially younger generations, might think gold is a ‘boring investment’, but it’s a must-have in your portfolio. As an asset, it’s relatively stable, has no big swings in price, and tends to increase in value over the long run.”
  • You can think of gold as your “rescue piggy bank”: “Gold does not generate any yields, so one probably shouldn’t put 50% of their wealth in gold. But physical gold protects your other wealth [from risks] … Thanks to this protection provided by gold I can allow myself to take bigger risks with my other investments.”
  • Inflation might be more dangerous than you think: “A lot of people don’t know much about inflation. They don’t realize that their money is losing value. Because for many, inflation is an abstract concept that hasn’t much impact on their daily lives. At least that’s what they think.”
  • How do I choose a precious metal to invest in? “Everything depends on your risk appetite … Silver is more volatile than gold, and platinum and palladium are even more volatile [than silver].”

Want to know more? Tune in for the full interview here:

What is Frugalisme et Liberté Financière?

It’s the YouTube channel run by Jérémie Brygo, the author of the book called Un salaire sans rien faire (ou presque). The channel is for those who want to take control of their money and create a financially secure life.

We want to thank Jérémie and the Frugalisme et Liberté Financière team for this great interview opportunity!


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