Introducing Our First 1 oz Carbon Neutral Gold Bar

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Apr 12, 2023

The making of the 1 oz Lady Fortuna, the first carbon neutral minted gold bar certified by the Carbon Trust.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is now embodied in the iconic 1 oz Lady Fortuna minted gold bar.

In a groundbreaking move, MKS PAMP has become the first precious metals company to launch a portfolio of Carbon Neutral gold products, including the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar.

💡What is Carbon Neutral gold?

The Carbon Neutral label shows that the CO2 emissions generated across the product’s entire value chain have been measured in accordance with the internationally recognized ISO 14067 standard, independently verified, and committed to being lowered year after year.

Any outstanding emissions are then compensated across the financing of high impact environmental projects called carbon offsets.

To further demonstrate its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, MKS PAMP has implemented a carbon management plan aimed at reducing yearly carbon emissions associated with their Carbon Neutral gold bars by 2030.

The plan includes close collaboration with suppliers to encourage a reduction in their greenhouse gas emissions impact. By aligning with the International PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality Standard, this new product portfolio represents a significant step in MKS PAMP's journey towards carbon reduction.

Certified as Carbon Neutral

The famous 1 oz Lady Fortuna minted gold bar has been certified as Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Trust, a global climate consultancy with a mission to accelerate the move to a decarbonized future.

The Carbon Trust has been pioneering decarbonisation for more than 20 years for businesses, governments, and organisations. An established expert on carbon footprinting, the Carbon Trust measures and certifies products and organizations around the world.

Timeless, iconic design

The obverse side of the Carbon Neutral Lady Fortuna gold bar Veriscan packaging

Not only is the 1 oz Lady Fortuna gold bar environmentally conscious, but it also retains its timeless, iconic Lady Fortuna design and is made of 999.9-pure gold, which makes it an excellent investment choice for collectors and investors alike.

By investing in Carbon Neutral gold, you not only invest in a valuable asset but also contribute to a more sustainable, carbon-free future.

For more information, please visit the MKS PAMP Carbon Neutral Gold page.



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