Tibo InShape & GOLD AVENUE: visit of a gold refinery in Switzerland!

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Jun 14, 2022

Tibo InShape carrying a gold bar with a green background and the number 700,000 euros.

Thanks to GOLD AVENUE, Tibo InShape was able to enter the famous gold refinery MKS PAMP. Watch the video and follow Tibo in his discovery of gold!

GOLD AVENUE is happy to open the doors of the MKS PAMP refinery to Tibo InShape, the famous French YouTuber!

We went with him to Ticino, Switzerland to show you the secrets of gold, silver and precious metals and how our products are created!

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Have you ever wondered how your coins and bars are made?

Then this is the perfect opportunity for you to visit our refinery in Switzerland!

With Tibo InShape, discover each step of the transformation of raw gold into bullion: foundry, acid bath, electrolysis, casting, printing, engraving, etc.

Take advantage of this exclusive access to one of the world's leading gold refineries and witness the creation of GOLD AVENUE products!

In this video, you will see among other things:

  • What a gold bar of over 25 kilos looks like.
  • Tibo InShape create his own gold bar, from start to finish!
  • All the steps of the 99.9% gold purification.
  • How our products are made, from 1g to 1kg bars.

💡Did you know?

Gold is a much more precious metal than silver: while 31 kilos of silver are worth 20 000€, 1 kilo of pure gold is worth more than 56 000€!

Who is Tibo InShape?

With more than 8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Tibo InShape is one of the top 5 French Youtubers.

He creates videos on topics ranging from health, sports or public figures meeting. For several years now, he has also been making videos where he makes his audience live unique experiences: from climbing the Mont-Blanc, to visiting a gold refinery!

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