Swissmint Issues a New Limited-Edition Vreneli Coin

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May 11, 2022

Swissmint Issues a New Limited-Edition Vreneli Coin to commemorate the last minting of the famous 10-Swiss Franc Vreneli coin in 1922.

Swissmint made history as they issued their first-ever 50-franc Vreneli gold coin on May 11, 2022, making a very special coin even more popular in Switzerland and beyond.

This unique new coin commemorates the centennial of the last minting of the famous 10-Swiss Franc Vreneli coin in 1922.

With a circulation of only 4,750 pieces, this new Vreneli is now available in limited stock on GOLD AVENUE.

What you need to know about Goldvreneli

Vreneli (a.k.a Goldvreneli) is an informal name for the range of Swiss franc legal tender gold coins. The more formal name of the coin is Helvetia Head.

The Vreneli coins were minted in varying quantities and denominations between 1897 and 1949. (10, 20, and 100 francs).

Since the mid-twentieth century, the Goldvreneli has become a sought-after collector's item.

Designed by Neuchatel artist Fritz Landry, the obverse of the coin depicts an allegorical female figure, Helvetia, as the national symbol of Switzerland.

The new commemorative Vreneli coin that makes history

Indeed, the striking of the commemorative 50-franc coin has opened a new chapter in the long history of Vreneli coins.

The history of the Vreneli 10-franc coin dates back more than a century, as it came into circulation in 1911. Often considered to be the little sister of the legendary 20-francs gold Vreneli, it was last minted in 1922.

Because of its rich history and sophisticated design, the Vreneli coins remain among the most popular coins in the world.

The new 50-franc Vreneli coin pays tribute to the 10 Swiss Francs coin by incorporating new elements in its original design:

The reverse of the coin reuses the original reverse of the 10-franc. It features the Swiss cross in the middle of a halo, the denomination, and the year of release. The lower part depicts branches with alpine rose and gentian blossoms.

The obverse, however, presents a unique design showing the number 100, with both zeros superimposed, in reference to the last minting of the 10-franc Vreneli coin.

Finally, the famous bust of Vreneli, the charming "Swiss Miss" present on all Vreneli coins, is fitted inside the second zero of the number 100 as a tribute to the original obverse of the 10-franc coin.

Who is the 50 Swiss Francs gold Vreneli coin designer, Remo Mascherini

Remo Mascherini was born in Florence, Italy, in 1958 and grew up in Kehrsatz in the canton of Bern after his parents moved to Switzerland. After he finished school, he completed four years of vocational training in engraving under the renowned Bernese relief engraver Klaus Graber.

He also attended the Bern School of Arts and Crafts (now called the School of Design), where he completed courses in engraving, drawing, and three-dimensional design.

Having spent many years working for companies in the packaging and graphic arts industry, he has a wealth of professional experience, particularly in his specialization of relief and steel-plate engraving.

Since 2009, he has been designing his engraving templates and reliefs on a computer using a CAD/CAM system. In 2013, Remo Mascherini took up the post of the engraver at Swissmint.

Get yourself a piece of history today!

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