100 Franken Goldmünze - Napoléon III Lorbeerkopf 1869 A


This gold coin of 0.9334 ounces, or 29.03 grams (g), was minted in very few copies, only 96,950 coins left the workshops.

On the obverse is represented the laureate head (tête laurée) of Napoleon looking to the left and the name of the engraver, Désiré-Albert Barre. On the reverse, the value of the coin 100 francs and an eagle spread on a thunderbolt surrounded by the collar of the Legion of Honor broaching two scepters (hand of justice and scepter of Charlemagne) posed in saltire, resting on a hanging decorated with ermine spots inside and bees outside and crowned with an imperial crown from which start two ribbons, 1869 framed by the letter of workshop A (Paris) and the different anchor of Engraver General below between the ends of the scepters.

This gold coin was Minted in Paris.

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