100 gram Fine Gold Bar 999.9 - PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Veriscan

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The 100g gold bar made by PAMP Suisse is stamped with the beautiful Lady Fortuna. PAMP Suisse is the world's leading Bullion brand, with an array of popular coins ideal for your personal collection or investment purchases.

This is one of the most prestigious investments you could make in the gold industry. Gold-loving admirers will recognize this prestigious gold bullion all over the world. This was the first gold bar produced with a decorative image: "Lady Fortuna". The PAMP gold bar "Lady Fortuna" is a wise investment, as well as an intriguing collectible item or even a beautiful object to offer as a gift.

Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess, and the daughter of Jupiter is the main image on this classic gold bar. As we know her through stories and myths, she is always depicted with her mythical attributes, which are the wheel of fortune, the horn of plenty and riches. On the reverse side of the bar, we have the unique serial number, the weight of the gold bar and the purity of the gold.

Please handle your PAMP Suisse gold bar with care. We recommend using gloves when handling it to avoid getting it dirty or leaving fingerprints. We also recommend that you store the PAMP Suisse gold bar in an attractive presentation box or display box. This will give the gold bar a unique look, as well as extra protection.

This product can be authenticated with Veriscan.

Cost-efficient and simple to use, this advanced scanning technology instantly authenticates any PAMP precious metals product bearing the VERISCAN™ logo.

  • Product ID:

  • Mint Mark:

    PAMP Suisse
  • Thickness:

  • Purity:

  • Weight (g):

    100.00 g
  • Weight (oz):

    3.215 oz
  • Length:

    55.00 mm
  • Width:

    32.00 mm

The Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess, is one of the first figures to be represented decoratively on a gold bar. She is always represented with a cornucopia that symbolizes her abundance of riches, as well as a wheel of fortune, that reflects her ability to act as a token of good luck. Lady Fortuna remains a symbol of prestige and she is recognized by admirers of Gold worldwide.