1 oz Gold coin

1 oz Gold coin

There are many available options for investors who wish to build their portfolios. However, in an ever-evolving worldwide financial landscape, one shining asset has remained relatively stable for centuries: the gold coin.

Revered for its intrinsic worth and historical significance, the 1 oz gold coin has solidified its position as a sound investment for investors and collectors alike.

Delve into the fascinating world of the 1 oz gold coin, and discover the reasons why investors of all stripes continue to seek it for their portfolios.









What is a 1 oz gold coin?

A 1 oz gold coin is a tangible representation of wealth, esteemed for its inherent value and historical significance. Unlike gold bars, which are more commonly associated with institutional investments, gold coins bear the distinctive imprints of various mints, giving them a unique touch of authenticity and artistry.

These coins come in a myriad of designs and denominations. From iconic national emblems to historical figures and revered monuments, the designs etched onto these coins speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage of their countries of origin.

Furthermore, the 1 oz gold coin transcends geographical boundaries, making it a universally recognized form of wealth across the globe.

Benefits of investing in 1 oz gold coins

1 oz gold coins offer a plethora of compelling advantages for both seasoned investors and novices alike.

  • Preservation of wealth: Throughout history, gold has proven its ability to retain value, even during times of economic turmoil. Therefore, investing in 1 oz gold coins could act as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations, gold being a “safe haven.”
  • Worldwide asset: 1 oz gold coins are universally renowned, making them easily tradable in international markets.
  • Tangible asset: Unlike digital investments or paper assets, owning physical gold coins provides a tangible sense of ownership and security.
  • Collectible value: Beyond their inherent worth, some 1 oz gold coins carry additional numismatic value due to rarity, historical significance, or unique designs.
  • Portfolio diversification: Gold coins differ from traditional assets like stocks and bonds, helping mitigate overall portfolio risk.
  • Privacy and control: Owning physical gold coins allows investors to maintain a level of financial privacy and control over their wealth. Unlike some digital assets, gold coins do not rely on intermediaries or third-party custodians as you can have 100% ownership of your coins.
  • High liquidity: Contrary to larger gold bars, 1 oz gold coins have a high liquidity rate, as they are easier to sell, should you need to cash in smaller amounts of money to reinvest.

How to buy 1 oz gold coins?

1 oz gold coin’s global organizations

When seeking to purchase 1 oz gold coins, investors have plenty of choices to look at. They can turn to coins produced by organizations throughout the world, from national mints such as the Swiss Mint, the Austrian Mint, the United States Mint, or the Monnaie de Paris, or from leading refiners such as MKS.

These organizations work with secure platforms for acquiring 1 oz gold coins with transparent pricing, secure transactions, and worldwide shipping options. Being the official MKS PAMP GROUP reseller, GOLD AVENUE is a sure bet for quality and transparency for both seasoned collectors and those embarking on their first foray into the world of gold investments.

Discover the gold coins from renowned international mints:

1 oz gold coin’s collections

Mints regularly edit new collections of 1 oz 999 gold coins, and some are true collectibles that have been passed down through generations.

More than just any regular investments, this is what truly sets apart gold coins in the world of precious metals. These collections embody historical narratives, cultural legacies, and artistic expressions that appeal to enthusiasts worldwide.

On GOLD AVENUE, those looking for all gold coin collections can find a selection of high-quality coins from some of the most renowned global mints and refiners.

  • Historical collections: Each coin in this type of collection, such as the Britannia Collection from the British Royal Mint, portrays significant events, influential figures, or pivotal moments in human history. A tangible connection to the past, encapsulated in gold.
  • Commemorative collections: Celebrating notable events and milestones, commemorative collections of 1 oz gold coins are a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of mints worldwide. These mark anniversaries, sporting events, or cultural festivities.
  • National emblem collections: Many countries issue 1 oz gold coins featuring their national emblems, symbols, or iconic landmarks, such as the Maple Leaf gold coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Nature and wildlife collections: The beauty of the natural world finds expression in gold coins that portray wildlife, landscapes, and flora with exquisite detail.

For collectors worldwide, building a diverse portfolio of 1 oz gold coins represents a true appreciation for craftsmanship.

Discover our different coin collections with 1 oz gold coins:

The value of the 1 oz gold coin

1 oz gold coins can be a great investment for newcomers just like for seasoned investors. This is due to the fundamental value of gold, which has proven throughout history to be a safe haven against fluctuations in the world’s economic market.

Indeed, the gold price fluctuates based on supply and demand dynamics, some economic conditions and geopolitical factors, but gold’s value over time has a tendency to rise in times of uncertainty.

In fact, one of the primary reasons 1 oz gold coins are used by investors is their ability to act as a hedge against inflation. In times of rising inflation, the purchasing power of fiat currencies tends to erode, while the value of gold tends to rise. As an inflation hedge, gold retains its worth over time, providing a stable store of value that helps protect wealth from the erosive effects of currency devaluation.

Unlike paper assets that can be vulnerable to market manipulations or digital assets subject to cyber threats, the tangible nature of 1 oz gold coins also imparts an inherent sense of security.

For those with smaller budgets or looking to buy more coins, you can also look at our range of 1/10 oz gold coins.

And for those looking first and foremost for the highest purity level in their coins, take a look at our range of 999 gold coins.

Storing and protecting your 1 oz gold coins.

Securing your 1 oz gold coins is a critical step in safeguarding your precious investment.

If you decide to store your gold with GOLD AVENUE, you gain access to free storage (up to €10,000) in secure vaults equipped with state-of-the-art security measures.

Then, when the need arises to sell some or all of your gold holdings, GOLD AVENUE ensures convenience and flexibility. You can sell back to GOLD AVENUE instantly and without any commission your stored 1 oz gold coins, therefore providing easy access to liquidity whenever required.

You can also want to store your 1 oz gold coins in a personal safe or in a secure vault at the bank. However, these two options have limitations in terms of security, insurance coverage, and vulnerability to theft and natural disasters. It also entails that you will have to find a third party to handle your gold if you wish to resell it, which will likely be done at a heavy fee.

What do you need to know to sell your 1 oz gold coins?

Selling your 1 oz gold coins requires careful consideration and awareness of key factors to ensure a smooth and profitable transaction. Whether you are an investor seeking liquidity or a collector, understanding the following points is essential before proceeding with the sale:

  • Current market conditions: Stay informed about the current gold market conditions, including the prevailing gold price and demand trends.
  • Coin condition: The condition of your 1 oz gold coins significantly impacts their resale value. Coins in pristine condition or those with higher numismatic value may command a premium over their gold content.
  • Security in transactions: Prioritize safety in all your transactions. When dealing with potential buyers or intermediaries, ensure that you are engaging with reputable and trustworthy parties. If you store and resell your gold through GOLD AVENUE, we guarantee a smooth, transparent and completely secure transaction, with no commissions fees.
  • Taxes and regulations: Familiarize yourself with any applicable taxes or regulations related to the sale of precious metals in your country. Compliance with legal requirements will prevent any unnecessary complications.