999.9 Gold Coins

999.9 Gold Coins

Crafted with the utmost precision, our 999.9 gold coins are the highest standard in the precious metals industry.

Investing in our 999.9 gold coins can be a good strategy to increase your exposure to precious metals and diversify your portfolio with a physical asset that can serve as a hedge against inflation and a form of savings.

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What is 999.9 gold?

999.9 gold represents the highest level of purity among various gold grades, as it is synonymous with 99.9% purity.

Also referred to as 'three nines fine,' this grade indicates an exceptionally high gold content in the metal, with only a negligible 0.1% of impurities from other metals. The meticulous refining process used to create 999 gold ensures that it is as close to pure elemental gold as possible.

This high level of purity sets it apart from other gold grades, such as 22-karat gold (92% purity) or 18-karat gold (75% purity). Its unrivaled fineness makes it highly sought after by collectors, investors, and connoisseurs alike.

At GOLD AVENUE, we offer a wide range of 999.9 gold coins, a symbol of prestige and a coveted addition to any investment portfolio or coin collection. 

Why invest in 999.9 gold coins

There are multiple reasons why investing in 999.9 gold coins, such as 1 oz gold coins or 1/10 oz gold coins, can be a good choice for both seasoned and beginner investors.

  • Pure gold: These gold coins are 99.9% pure gold, the highest standard.
  • Time-tested value: Gold's price has historically remained stable or even increased in value.
  • Diversification to your portfolio: Including a few 999.9 gold coins in your portfolio can help mitigate risks associated with other, more volatile investments.
  • Relatively easy to trade:
    • At GOLD AVENUE, you have the flexibility to sell your gold coins at market value anytime, with no commission charges.
    • Unlike larger gold bars, gold coins can be sold in smaller quantities, either individually or in batches at various price points.
  • Protection from inflation: As national currencies often lose value in times of inflation, gold, being a tangible asset, maintains its value. Therefore, owning 999.9 gold coins can provide protection against rising prices and help secure your wealth.
  • Physical ownership: Unlike digital assets, like gold ETFs or gold futures, you actually own genuine 999.9 gold coins, a tangible asset with intrinsic value.
  • Collectible Value: Beyond investment purposes, these coins can feature distinctive designs and limited production quantities. Their rarity and aesthetic appeal can enhance their value as collectibles as time goes on.

The value of 999.9 gold coins

The value of 999.9 gold coins lies in the inherent worth of pure gold as a time-tested and coveted precious metal. 

Several factors contribute to its value, such as its purity, globally recognized status, inherent scarcity, and timeless appeal. Gold has also long been considered a safe haven in times of economic uncertainties and market volatility. 

You can also build gold coin collections, as some of them represent a particular occasion or historical period. Some limited or rare editions can hold more value than others, making them a sound investment for amateur or seasoned investors. 

However, the gold market is shaped by multiple factors, such as supply and demand dynamics, global economic conditions, inflation rates, currency fluctuations, central bank policies, and geopolitical events.

Therefore, even though gold is considered a hedge against inflation and an attractive choice for preserving wealth and diversifying one’s portfolio, investors should closely monitor gold prices before purchasing or selling gold coins. 

Storing and maintaining 999.9 gold coins

Properly storing and caring for your 999.9 gold coins is essential to uphold their value and ensure their long-term security. There are several options to choose from, each with its own benefits and factors to consider.

While home storage might seem convenient, it often comes with some inherent risks such as theft, damage, or accidental loss. 

Alternatively, you have the option to securely store your 999.9 gold coins in a secure vault, reaping its unique advantages. Notably, GOLD AVENUE offers a free storage solution for holdings up to 10 thousand euros, making it a practical and cost-effective choice.

Our vaults, equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensure your investment is kept safe to the highest standards, offering you peace of mind.

Most importantly, storing your gold with GOLD AVENUE allows you to sell it back to us anytime at market value, with no commission fees.

To keep your coins in good condition and value, handle them carefuly and store them in a place without extreme temperatures or humidity.

How to sell your 999.9 gold coins when you are ready to get your investment back?

You can resell your stored metals to us anytime using our secure platform. We don't charge a commission fee, and we'll take your gold bars at the market price. There is also no minimum or maximum amount you can resell, giving you convenience and security when you want to resell your products.

Before you sell your gold bars, it’s a good idea to check the current gold price and the latest economic and financial news.

If you're storing your gold at home and plan to sell it, be sure to choose a reputable and trusted gold dealer. Look for transparent pricing and no hidden fees, ensuring a fair selling experience.


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