1 oz Fine Gold Bar 999.9 - PAMP Suisse Lunar Rooster

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At Gold Avenue, we highly recommend the 1oz gold ingot as a part of our elegant Lunar Calendar Collection. Start your year with these beautiful ingots!

Chinese Diaspora from all around the world celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year every year. It is considered to be amongst one of the most celebrated holidays. This makes the gold Lunar ingot one of the most popular ingots on the precious metal market. They are recognizable all around the world because of their one of a kind shape and design. They are produced by PAMP Suisse, which is a mint known for their intricate and characteristic motifs. The Lunar Calendar ingots are also amongst the most popular in the world because they change their design annually to match the symbol of the Chinese New Year. This makes these ingots ideal for collectors, as well as investors alike. Everyone should take this unique opportunity to invest in there beautiful 999.9 gold ingots. They would make a wonderful gift, as weak as a beautiful addition to your gold portfolio.

This 1oz standard rectangular ingot is decorated with one of the twelve traditional animals of the Lunar New Year. This year PAMP Suisse is celebrating the gallant Rooster. The Rooster is displayed standing proudly, with his chest puffed and his head placed high. The reverse side of the coin displays an identical image of the Rooster, however, displayed for the back. On the back of the coin additional information is also displayed as ingot purity, weight, date of production, as well as a unique serial number.

We recommend you take care of your PAMP Suisse ingots by using protective gloves. That way you can easily protect your investment against any damage and scratches. You can also choose to store you ingot in official Gold Avenue safes.

  • Product ID: ZAUFS00517
  • Year: 2017
  • Mint Mark: PAMP Suisse
  • Thickness: 1.71
  • Purity: 0.9999
  • Weight (g): 31.10 g
  • Weight (oz): 1.00000 oz
  • Length: 41.00 mm
  • Width: 24.00 mm

The Rooster proudly represents those born in 1945, 1957, 1981, 2005 and more recently 2017. According to Chinese myths and stories, those people born under this animals receive a particular set of qualities. For instance, those born in the Year of the Rooster are considered hard-working, resourceful and courageous. The list of Chinese legends about the origin of the Lunar New Year are endless and varies depending on the region. One of the most famous Chinese legends describes the story of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor informed the animals that he would decide on their order in the Lunar New Year Calendar based on which animal would get to his Royal Celebration first. After a compelling race, all the animals managed to arrive, expect the final three: the Monkey, the Dog, and the Rooster. Legend says that were outside of the Empire fighting evil spirits to restore good in the Kingdom. Even though they arrived late, and should have been eliminated, the Emperor was impressed with their courageous deed and honored the animals with the final three positions.