5 gram Gold Bar - Diwali Lakshmi


MKS PAMP introduces a special tribute to Diwali through this exquisite 5 gram gold bar, capturing the essence of the Festival of Lights. Recognized as the pinnacle of Hindu celebrations, Diwali is a time to celebrate prosperity, peace, and hope.

The Festival of Lights celebrates the gods Rama, Krishna, and especially Lakshmi. As the leading goddess of Diwali, Lakshmi symbolizes health, beauty, and affluence.

Crafted by PAMP, the leading brand in the precious metals industry, this limited edition bar embodies the excellence of PAMP fine gold bars.

Characteristics of the PAMP Diwali gold bar

The PAMP Diwali Gold Bar stands as a coveted collector's piece, crafted in a limited edition of just 5000 units!

The Diwali gold bar design beautifully captures the essence and spirit of the Festival of Lights. On this limited edition Diwali gold bar, Lakshmi is elegantly portrayed in a lotus flower, her right hand making the Abhaya Mudra sign for protection.

Her other hands gracefully hold emblematic items: a lotus flower, a kalasha, a cornucopia, and gold coins, all representing fortune, giving, and love.

Floating above Lakshmi are the iconic dips, the traditional lamps that gave Diwali its name.

The reverse side of the Diwali gold bar is engraved with its main characteristics such as weight, purity and the distinctive serial number.

Echoing the spirit of the Festival of Light, this custom Diwali gold bar is packaged in a colorful protective package, decorated with lotus flowers. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this gold bar is can be a great investment and a collector's treasure, blending ancient tradition with modern craftsmanship.

The Diwali gold bar produced by PAMP is a splendid fusion of tradition and craftsmanship, making it a highlight of this year's Festival of Lights celebrations.

How much is the 5 gram Diwali gold bar worth?

The Diwali gold bar has the highest possible fineness, containing 999.9‰ pure gold.

The Diwali gold bar price is therefore calculated by multiplying its gold content by the current gold price.

There might be additional costs, including our production and operating expenses, which are transparently outlined within the 5 gram gold bar price (simply click on the price to see the breakdown).

How can you resell your PAMP Diwali gold bar?

The Diwali gold bar is produced by PAMP, the global leader in precious metals. PAMP gold bars, like the famous Lady Fortuna, are very popular with investors and collectors alike.

As a 999.9‰ pure gold bar, its resale price will depend on the current gold price. Please note that although the price of gold tends to remain stable over time, it does fluctuate daily, so remember to check the gold price page before selling.

Should you decide to resell your 5 gram Diwali gold bar, you can do so through our website. If you store your gold bar in one of our secure vaults, you can sell it back to us anytime with 24/7 access and zero commission fees.

Handling and protecting your PAMP Diwali gold bar

The collectible Diwali gold bar features a delicate and refined design. If you wish to view it up close, we recommend using cotton gloves and handling it gently to prevent fingerprints or scratches.

Made of 24-carat gold, this PAMP collector's item consists of malleable metal that can scratch easily.

To ensure the safety of your bar, it's advisable to store it in its protective packaging and keep it in a secure place, such as one of our designated secure vaults.

What is the best way to store your 5 gram Diwali gold bar?

You can store your Diwali-themed gold bar at home in a private safe, but this might be less secure and could involve extra expenses like buying equipment and getting insurance.

With GOLD AVENUE, you can choose to keep your Diwali gold bar safe in our Swiss secure vaults, which come with full protection and insurance.

Invest in PAMP Diwali gold bar

Purchasing a PAMP gold bullion is an investment in a globally renowned brand known for its expertise and excellence, as PAMP is one of the world's leading precious metals brands.

PAMP pioneered the concept of designed minted gold bars, introducing the iconic Lady Fortuna gold bars in the 1970s. This tradition continues with the Diwali gold bar, adding a touch of creativity and aesthetics to your investment portfolio.

The Diwali gold bar's compact size makes it more affordable than other bars, making it ideal for those new to gold investment; or for those who want to buy gold but don't have a big budget.

The Diwali gold bar, part of PAMP's festive collection, encapsulates the essence of the Festival of Lights in a tangible form, making it an outstanding gift choice.

Gifting a gold bar from the PAMP festive collection is more than just a gesture; it's a symbol of lasting wealth and shared cultural heritage.

If you're curious about our other 5 gram gold bars, take a look at our selection to find the perfect gift, collector’s item, or investment.

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