5 gram Gold Bar - Willy Wonka®

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Willy Wonka, a fictional character created by author Roald Dahl, is the enigmatic and eccentric owner of the world-famous Wonka Chocolate Factory. His character first appeared in Roald Dahl’s 1964 novel, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and has since become an iconic figure in literature and popular culture.

And now, it’s celebrated with this 5 gram gold bar!

With its compact size, the Willy Wonka gold bar is not only a brilliant addition to your portfolio but a delightful souvenir for fans of the legendary chocolatier.

It's a piece of gold that captures the magic of Willy Wonka's world – where dreams can come true, and fortunes can be built.

This is your golden ticket to either start your gold savings or diversify your portfolio.

Characteristics of the 5 g Willy Wonka gold bar

The 5 gram gold bar is a rare collector's item with a limited mintage of only 3,000 pieces worldwide. Crafted from 999.9‰ pure gold, this bar is a part of our PAMP Swiss gold bars collection.

Measuring 23.3 mm in length and 14 mm in width, this officially licensed Warner Bros creation is more than just a gold bar; it's a work of art. Each bar comes with a CertiPAMP™ assay card made of vibrant colors, and is elegantly encased in a specially designed sleeve by MKS PAMP.

The front of the gold bar showcases meticulous engravings of the word "Wonka," featuring a charming top hat perched atop the letter "W." Just below "Wonka," you'll discover the enchanting inscription "golden ticket."

The Willy Wonka theme continues on the reverse side, where a series of daintily engraved top hats are placed around the edges of the gold bar, adding a touch of whimsy to its design.

And like all our gold bars, you'll also find essential information, including the PAMP stamp, weight, purity level, and a unique serial number.

Why the 5 g Willy Wonka gold bar is a great collector's item

If you’re thinking of buying gold bars to add to your collection, then this delicately engraved Willy Wonka gold bar might just be the right fit for a number of reasons.

Firstly, collectibles can have additional value beyond their metal content due to rarity, history, or aesthetic appeal. This means there’s potential for their worth to increase among collectors and when reselling. Moreover, this gold bar is officially licensed by Warner Bros, making it a unique and exclusive item that captures the charm of Willy Wonka's world.

Secondly, due to its limited mintage, this 5 gram gold bar can be truly one-of-a-kind. With only 3,000 of these remarkable bars in existence worldwide, owning one makes you among an exclusive group of enthusiasts, ensuring that your collection stands out in the eyes of fellow collectors.

Thi rdly, this gold bar is a work of art with intricate engravings that enhance its appeal beyond its market value. It’s a blend of the allure of gold with the charm of the beloved Willy Wonka theme, making it a visually captivating investment.

To ensure you make an informed decision, it’s wise to check the gold prices before you buy gold.

Why 5 g Willy Wonka gold bar can be a great gift

If you know someone who is a huge fan of Willy Wonka's magical world, then this 5 g gold bar can be the perfect gift for them. Although it won't grant them access to the famed chocolate factory, they will still have the rare privilege of owning one of only 3,000 Willy Wonka gold bars in the world.

This gold bar is not only an investment, but also a cherished collectible that can be passed down to future generations as a treasured family artifact. Imagine the joy and delight your loved one will experience upon receiving this stunning and rare ingot, with its intricate design and meticulously crafted details.

Whether they choose to keep it as a cherished keepsake or add it to their gold savings, this 5 gram gold bar is a great gift that will be treasured for years to come.

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