5 gram Gold Bar - Call of Duty (with frame)


The highly popular game Call of Duty is known for its intense warfare and gripping storylines, but did you know about a hidden gem that is available for the first time in history? It’s the Call of Duty gold pendant, the ultimate accessory for true champions.

This limited-edition gold bar is suitable for collectors and gamers wanting a special gold ingot and a digital weapon charm that is only available if you buy this bar.

Characteristics of the 5 g Call of Duty gold bar

To celebrate Modern Warfare III, the special Call of Duty gold bar is brought out for any fans and collectors. It’s part of the PAMP Swiss gold bars collection that’s been produced by the world-renowned refinery MKS PAMP, known to produce high-quality gold bars.

This Call of Duty pendant contains a purity level of 999.9% and weighs 5 grams, measuring 22.1 mm in length and 13.1 mm in width.

The front of the gold bar illustrates a soldier in gear, ready for battle. The gold ingot has a similar engraving to the digital charm’s outline and design. On the side of the bar, you’ll find vertical writing of “Call of Duty.”

The reverse side of the ingot contains important information, such as the weight, purity level and unique serial number. It also includes intricately engraved “Modern Warfare III” that runs diagonally along the back of the bar.

Why the 5 g Call of Duty gold bar is a great investment or collector's item

If you’ve been thinking of buying gold to add to your collection, then the Call of Duty gold bar might be a great addition. Here are a few reasons why:

The value of collectibles is not only determined by their metal content, but also by their rarity and historical and cultural significance. This means that they have the potential to appreciate in value over time. For instance, this Call of Duty pendant has a limited production of only 5,000 pieces worldwide, making it a rare find and therefore increasing its value.

This gold bar is also attractive among the devoted Call of Duty community. It’s the first time in history to have a Call of Duty gold pendant, making it an irresistible treasure and a unique addition to any gold collection.

Moreover, it's highly sought-after because you can be among only a few people to own a gold pendant and the in-game weapon charm that will accompany you in your battles.

Lastly, depending on your investment goals, you can use this gold bar as a way to diversify your precious metal portfolio.

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Why the 5 g Call of Duty gold bar can be a great gift

If you have a loved one who is one of the other 100 million Call of Duty gamers worldwide, then this gold bar could be the perfect gift. It can be worn as a necklace or added to a gold savings.

Since this gold bar is not only an investment but also a collectible, it can be passed down to generations of players and Call of Duty fans. This makes it a special and memorable piece that celebrates the release of Modern Warfare III and the 20th anniversary of Call of Duty.

So, not only is this gold bar a thoughtful gift, but it is also a way to celebrate the legendary and highly popular game.

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