Fine Gold Coin 916.7 - Sovereign King Edward VII

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    Mixed Years
  • Mint Mark:

    The Royal Mint
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  • Weight (g):

    7.32 g
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    0.235 oz
  • Diameter:

    22.05 mm

Origins of the Sovereign gold coin

The production of the Sovereign gold coin began circa 1489, under the reign of King Henry VII. It continued to be minted until the reign of James 1, in 1603. The coin we know today originated as a part of the Great Recoinage of 1816. At first, the coin did not boast of significant popularity as the English public preferred notes over coins. Yet, as soon as the paper currency was limited by law and the coin started circulating, it became one of the most popular coins in England. This remains true to this day.

History of the gold Sovereign King Edward VII

As the first male born child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Edward VII received a strict upbringing in preparation for his reign. He was only king for a short period of time, however, reigning from 1901 to 1910. His reign was a golden age of peace for the British Empire and was instrumental in the signing of the Franco-British "Entente Cordiale" peace agreement in 1904. With only nine existing years for these Sovereign editions, as many as he spent on the throne, this is your chance to collect one of the sovereigns minted in celebration of Edward VII's reign.