Sovereign Gold Coin - King George V


Characteristics of the British gold sovereign coin King George V

The British Gold Sovereign coins are among the most prestigious coins in the world. “The Sovereign” is a classic from the British Royal mint. It has become a symbol for British coinage. The gold bullion Sovereign coin is one of the most recognizable gold coins in the world. First minted over 530 years ago, they hold an unquestionable amount of historic and patriotic value to Great Britain.

The King George V Sovereign gold coin has a purity of 0.9167 and weighs 7.32 grams (g) of pure gold which is equivalent to 2354 ounce (oz).

Obverse (front) of the sovereign gold coin King George V

On its obverse side, the coin features the portrait of the King facing left with Sir Edgar Bertram Mackennal's initials, BM, in small letters on the neck truncation, this design was created by the artist for the Royal Mint. The coins always depict the reigning Monarch at the time it was struck. The Latin words “GEORGIVS V D. G. BRITT: OMN: REX F. D. IND: IMP:” meaning “George the Fifth, by the Grace of God, King of all the Britains, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India.” is presented on the coin, surrounding the Monarch’s head.

Reverse (back) of the sovereign gold coin King George

Following tradition, the reverse side includes a rendition of St. George mounted on a horse and slaying a dragon. This popular image was designed in 1817 by Benedetto Pistrucci, an Italian engraver.

How much is a gold Sovereign George V coin worth?

With a purity of 0.9167 and a weight of 7.32 grams (g) its price is calculated by multiplying its gold content by the current gold spot price and then adding the premium.

And what is the resale value of a gold Sovereign King George V?

As we do not take any commission on resale for stored products, the resale value for this coin on GOLD AVENUE is simply what is known as the “metal price”, which is the coin’s current price on the market.

What is the face value of the gold sovereign?

Classic sovereign coins have a face value of £1. There are also double (£2) and quintuple (£5) sovereigns as well as half (£0.5) and quarter (£0.25) sovereigns which each have a different face value. The sovereign’s real value, however, is considerably higher as it is based on its gold weight, purity, and collectability.

Handling and protecting a Sovereign Coin

Protect your gold British Sovereign Coin from fingerprints by using cotton gloves and handling your coins with care. You can also protect your coin by keeping it inside a clear plastic capsule. This will display the coin very elegantly, and also add extra value and presentation to your coins collection.

Invest in Sovereign gold coins: King George V

These gold coins make an ideal investment, or perhaps a perfect addition to a collection. As a physical, allocated asset, and a national coin with historical and face value, gold bullion coins such as Sovereigns are unlikely to lose their value over time and can be a way to protect your wealth against inflation or economic crisis.

The gold Sovereign coins are widely acknowledged to be the world’s leading bullion coins and are recognized throughout the world. As it has been part of British coinage for years, older variations of these coins may hold additional value due to their collectability.

Knowing that the price of gold has never stopped increasing in value over the last few centuries, buying physical gold is a way to preserve your wealth, even if it means passing it on to the next generation. Other precious metals such as platinum, silver, palladium, just to name a few have been able to maintain the wealth of their investors but gold remains the perfect safe haven.

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