Obverse (front) of the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin
Obverse (front) of the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin
Reverse (back) of the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin

Sovereign Gold Coin - Queen Victoria


Characteristics of the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin

The Queen Victoria sovereign gold coin was first struck in 1893 and was minted in millions of copies each year by the Royal Mint until 1901, which marked the end of Queen Victoria's reign. Over 40 million of these gold bullion coins were minted in total.

The Gold Sovereign Victoria has a fineness of 916.67‰, measures 22mm in diameter and weighs 7.9g.

Accessible, historical, and highly sought after on the market, buying the Gold Sovereign coin with Queen Victoria can help diversify your investment portfolio and add other gold products to your collection.

Obverse (front) of the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin

The obverse of the gold sovereign coin features a left-facing portrait of Queen Victoria as a widow. She is wearing a veil and a crown, and has a necklace around her neck. This is the third and final representation of the queen, known as the “Old Head” or "Veiled Head". It was created by the sculptor Thomas Brock.

Her portrait is surrounded by the inscription "VICTORIA DEI GRA BRITT REGINA FID DEF IN IMP", a Latin abbreviation that can be translated as "Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India."

Reverse (back) of the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin

The reverse side of the Queen Victoria sovereign gold coin features St. George, the patron saint of England, riding a horse and slaying a dragon. This depiction is based on the legend of St. George saving the princess and the town of Silene in the province of Libya by killing a fearsome dragon. The design was created by Italian sculptor Benedetto Pistrucci.

The year of the coin's minting (ranging from 1893 to 1901) is displayed at the bottom of the design.

How much is the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin is Worth?

The Sovereign Victoria gold coin can be a good investment option because of its strong market presence and relatively affordable cost.

To understand the value of this gold coin, it is important to distinguish its intrinsic value from any additional fees that may apply:

  • Its primary value is calculated based on the weight of gold contained in the coin, relative to the current gold price.
  • The fees (also called "premium") include the production and operational costs (production, handling, warehousing, etc.), as well as our margin.

Handling and protecting your Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin

Victoria gold sovereign coins are made of pure gold, which has the property of being very malleable.

It is recommended to handle your gold coin with cotton gloves to avoid scratches and fingerprints that could alter its value.

Moreover, it is also advised to store it in a specially designed case for this purpose.

Investing in the Queen Victoria Sovereign Gold Coin

The Sovereign Gold Victoria coin has the key characteristics of an investment gold coin:

  • Its purity is greater than 900‰.
  • In the United Kingdom, all gold sovereigns minted after 1837 are regarded as legal tender and are exempt from Capital Gains Tax.
  • As an iconic coin, it holds a significant place in British history.

If you are looking to buy gold coins, Victoria sovereign British gold coins can be a good option as it allows you to benefit from tax advantages associated with investment gold.

When buying and selling gold, you can monitor the live gold price on our gold price page.

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