1 ounce Palladium Bar - PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna


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This 1 oz palladium bar is a special VAT-FREE product stored in a secure Swiss Freeport: an economic area where the 8.1% Swiss VAT on precious metals does not apply. It is therefore exempt from the 8.1% Swiss VAT rate and stored outside of the banking system. You can resell this product to us 24/7, instantly, and without commission (0%).

This palladium ingot weighs 1 ounce (oz), or 31.10 grams (g). It is produced by PAMP Suisse and is beautifully decorated with the famous Roman goddess Fortuna, the daughter of Jupiter.

With their valuable ingots recognizable everywhere, PAMP Suisse is the leading independent manufacturer and refiner of precious metals worldwide. The design Lady Fortuna is one of the flagship products of the company PAMP Suisse. Palladium is often seen as an easy and wise investment choice, sometimes purchased by those who are new to precious metals. This unique 1 oz palladium bar would therefore make a great addition for any precious metals savings or investment, for collectors, or simply a passionate admirer. With stunning quality and timeless design, PAMP Suisse palladium bars are unique.

Like silver and gold, palladium is considered a rare and noble metal found in platinum, copper, and nickel mines and placers. Its standard atomic mass is 106.42 (1) u (chemical element of atomic number 46. of symbol Pd). it belongs to the platinum group as well in the periodic table of the nickel group (group 10). In the precious metals market, palladium is more expensive than the price of platinum and silver but less expensive than the price of gold, even though it is 30x rarer than gold. Its use is now inevitable in the automotive industry and in electronic components.

The goddess Fortuna is elegantly displayed on this one-ounce palladium ingot. She is the Roman goddess of prosperity, luck, and fortune. As always, she is represented veiled with one of her most famous mythical attributes, the cornucopia, which spreads the richness of her willing hands. On the other side of the ingot, we have important information displayed such as the unique serial number, the weight of the palladium ingot, and the purity.

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