1 ounce Gold Bar - PAMP Suisse Lunar Dragon 2024


The Lunar Dragon is one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. Each year is associated with a specific animal and its unique characteristics, including the Lunar rabbit, monkey, pig, and rat.

This 1 oz Lunar Dragon gold bar is part of the PAMP Lunar products range. It could serve as a wonderful gift for your loved ones, a valuable addition to your collectibles, or a smart way to diversify your gold savings.

Characteristics of the 1 oz Lunar Dragon gold bar

This gold Lunar Dragon bar measures 24 mm in length and 41 mm in height. And like our other 1 oz gold bars, this Lunar Dragon bar is crafted from the highest quality gold with a purity of 999.9‰. To match the theme of the Lunar New Year, this Lunar Dragon gold bar is sealed in red CertiPAMP packaging with gold-colored lettering (please also note that this specific bar comes without an envelope).

Red and gold are the most prominent colors during Lunar New Year celebrations. Red is believed to protect from evil spirits and bring good luck, while gold represents wealth and prosperity.

The bar's obverse (front side) features an intricately engraved Lunar Dragon that catches the eye with its majestic presence. The dragon's head is gracefully turned to one side, giving off an air of wisdom and watchfulness.

The exquisite and elongated form of the dragon stretches gracefully across the gold bar, emphasizing its mythical beauty. This magnificent creature's scales, curvy body, and contour are meticulously engraved, creating a captivating visual narrative that symbolizes strength, power, and good fortune.

The design on the reverse (back side) of this gold bar includes important information, such as its gold purity, weight, and serial number. It also showcases the 12 animals of the lunar cycle as a large star surrounding the new moon.

Why the 1 oz Lunar Dragon gold bar is a great collector's item

As a collector, you might be thinking of adding some new charm to your collection by buying gold bars. Here's why this 1 oz gold bar may be suitable for you and stand out as a unique collector's piece:

  1. Due to rarity, history, or aesthetic appeal, collectible items can have additional value beyond their metal content. This has the potential to increase their worth to collectors and when reselling.
  2. The gold Lunar Dragon’s unique and intricate design makes it a highly appealing collectible. And its delicate engravings add artistic and aesthetic value to the bar.
  3. The Lunar Dragon gold bar also holds symbolic value. Dragons are powerful and revered creatures in many cultures, often symbolizing strength, luck, and protection.
  4. If you’re interested in Asian art, mythology, or history, you might appreciate this gold Lunar Dragon.

Why the 1 oz Lunar Dragon gold bar can be a great gift

If you’ve been looking to buy gold to gift a loved one, this Lunar Dragon might just be the perfect present.

The gold Lunar Dragon has a deep symbolic meaning, representing strength, luck, and protection in many cultures. Also, dragons are often associated with wealth and abundance. By gifting a gold dragon, you're not only wishing the recipient financial prosperity and good fortune, but you also recognize the importance of gold savings.

This 1 oz Lunar Dragon gold bar can also serve as a precious part of gold savings, passed down through generations to come.

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