Platinum American Eagle Coins

Platinum American Eagle Coins

The U.S. Mint's platinum coins, "American Eagle", are among the most famous investment coins in the world because they are guaranteed by the U.S. government. This platinum coin, available on our website in the size of both one ounce of platinum (31.10 grams) and one tenth of an ounce of platinum (3.11 grams), is made of 99.95% pure platinum (0.9995).

The front of the coin shows the date of printing, "Lady Liberty", the inscription "Liberty" and "in god we trust". On the back is the American eagle with the sun in the background, the face value (USD 100), the weight of the fine platinum, the purity and the inscription 'United States of America'. This is the right product for all those who wish to purchase investment platinum coins.

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Metal Bid Ask Change
Platinum $1,016.78 $1,039.90 $0.00

American Platinum Eagle is available on our website in platinum, "American Eagle in Silver", and "American Eagle in Gold".

These are all excellent products to diversify your precious metals portfolio. The price of this nominal "US$100" currency varies according to the price of platinum.