China Silver Panda Coins

China Silver Panda Coins

Chinese silver coins with the Panda bear are issued by the China Gold Coin Incorporation. The coins are very popular with collectors as the design changes from year to year.

The design of the Panda silver coin is really unique. On the front side, you can see the representation of the Temple of Paradise with the inscription "Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo" or People's Republic of China and the year of issue. On the reverse side are illustrated the Chinese giant panda, the purity of the silver (0.999), the weight (30 grams) and the face value (10 yuans). In 2016, the Chinese Mint updated the Panda series to issue in grams rather than ounces.

These coins are 99.90% pure silver and weigh 30 grams (0.96 ounces).

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Metal Bid Ask Change
Silver $26.74 $26.81 $0.96

On the obverse of the Silver Chinese Panda coin, we can see the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It is displayed as classic Chinese architecture, as well as an important motif of Chinese history and religion. On the reverse side of the coin, their design includes the Great Panda - China's favorite animal, the most famous international symbol of China. The Panda gives the coin a very charming appeal and it will certainly distinguish itself from the other coins in your investment portfolio.