1 ounce Silver Coin - Nutcracker - Mouse King


Enter the enchanting world of the Nutcracker ballet with our exclusive Mouse King pure silver coin. A silver product that pays homage to the cherished Christmas-time ballet about young Clara's adventures and the Nutcracker's transformation into a prince.

With a limited mintage of only 2,500 coins, this rare collectible will be exclusively issued in 2023.

Characteristics of the 1 oz Mouse King silver coin 999.9

The 1 oz Mouse King silver coin is a collectible designed for the iconic ballet’s fans and is a tangible representation of its charm and tradition.

This artistic rendering features one of the ballet’s pivotal characters, the Mouse King, and is a valuable addition to a Nutcracker silver coin collection. This coin is encased in a distinctive ornament-style hangable capsule, making it an ideal keepsake or a festive addition to a holiday tree.

It is produced by the PAMP, renowned worldwide for its expertise in the precious metals industry.

Obverse (front) side of the 1 oz Mouse King silver coin 999.9

The obverse side of this coin features a stunning depiction of the iconic Mouse King, known for his role in the timeless ballet The Nutcracker. The artistic craftsmanship shines through in intricate details, showcasing the character's regal attire and facial expressions.

Reverse (back) side of the 1 oz Mouse King silver coin 999.9

The reverse side of the 1 oz Mouse King silver coin showcases a meticulously crafted design, as well as essential coin details, including its 2023 date and an individual serial number.

How much is the 1 oz Mouse King silver coin worth?

With a purity of 999.9‰ and a weight of 1 oz, the price of this silver coin is calculated by multiplying its silver content by the current silver spot price and then adding the premium that includes operational and logistics costs. You can easily find the complete price breakdown on our website.

Handling and protecting your 1 oz silver coin - Nutcracker - Mouse King

The 1 oz Mouse King silver coin can be susceptible to scratches and impacts. To safeguard its condition and, in turn, its value, make sure to use cotton gloves while handling the coin. This will help prevent fingerprints, oils, and contaminants from contacting the coins’s surface.

We also advise storing the coin in its specially designed case, which will shield it from physical damage and preserve its artistic beauty.

Investing in the 1 oz silver coin 999.9 - Nutcracker - Mouse King

The 1 oz Mouse King silver coin represents a great fusion of investment potential and artistic craftsmanship. Whether you're a devoted fan of the iconic ballet or an astute investor, its limited availability renders it a valuable asset for your portfolio.

In a market where rarity and historical significance play a vital role, the 1 oz Mouse King silver coin can be a highly sought-after item among collectors, just as other collectibles, such as the Lion of the 5th chakra silver coin, potentially making it a good investment choice.

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