1 ounce Silver Coin I Love Barbie™ - Superstar Barbie™


Characteristics of the 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin

Discover the enchanting world of Barbie with the carefully crafted I Love Barbie 1 oz shaped silver coin. This officially licensed coin collectible is a testament to the enduring legacy of Barbie, and can be a great addition to your collection.

The vibrant colors of this coin bring Barbie to life, capturing her iconic long blonde hair, radiant smile, and fashionably posed arms. The Superstar Barbie, wearing a magenta pink gown, embodies the glamour of a decade. Every collectible Barbie coin has a unique serial number.

Produced by MKS PAMP and encased in a custom-shaped packaging, this silver coin collectible is securely protected, ensuring its long-lasting preservation and maintaining its pristine condition. Accompanied by a separate display stand, it enhances the coin's visual allure, enabling you to proudly showcase this Barbie-inspired numismatic item in your collection or as a decorative piece.

If you're interested in buying other silver products, you can explore our silver bars selection. They can serve as a valuable investment option, complementing the Barbie silver coin and contributing to the diversification of your investment portfolio.

The coin has been produced in a limited quantity of 3,000 units!

Obverse (front) side of the 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin

The front side of the silver coin collectible showcases the captivating Superstar Barbie™ herself. The coin features a Barbie doll with long, subtly highlighted blonde hair, a dazzling smile, and elegantly posed arms. The design also includes Barbie's signature magenta pink gown, showcasing her timeless charm and beauty.

Reverse (back) side of the 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin

The reverse side of the Superstar Barbie™ coin has important details such as a unique serial number, purity level, and weight.

On the top of the coin, you can see the effigy of late Queen Elizabeth II, while the middle section features the iconic Barbie logo and the popular 1987 movie Barbie and the Rockers™.

The background of the coin showcases Superstar Barbie™ icons such as a microphone, music notes, headphones, stars, hearts, and the letter B, all of which represent the iconic Barbie.

Why the 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin is a great collector's item

For passionate collectors and savers looking to buy silver products, the Barbie coin is a treasure worth adding to your collection. This rare and exclusive limited edition Barbie shaped silver coin appeals to both collectors and coin enthusiasts.

As an officially licensed coin, it holds significant value for those who appreciate the fusion of Barbie's iconic status and the artistry of numismatics.

Why the 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin is a great gift

The Superstar Barbie™ coin is not only a stunning silver coin but can also be a perfect gift for Barbie fans and collectors. This coin celebrates the iconic Barbie, capturing her timeless beauty and charm.

Whether you're looking to surprise a Barbie lover on a special occasion or add a touch of nostalgia to someone's collection, this coin is sure to bring joy.

How much is the 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin worth?

With a purity of 999.9‰ and a weight of 1 oz, the price of this silver coin is calculated by multiplying its silver content by the current silver spot price and then adding the premium that includes operational and logistics costs. You can easily find the complete price breakdown on our website.

As a limited edition collectible, the Barbie coin has the potential to appreciate in value over time, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Handling and protecting Your 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin

It's important to carefully handle and protect your Barbie coin to preserve its long-lasting beauty. We recommend using soft gloves or holding the Barbie-themed coin by its edges to prevent fingerprints and potential damage.

You should also store it in the custom-shaped capsule specially designed for its shape and size. This will protect the silver coin collectible from environmental factors, such as scratches, dust, and moisture.

Investing in the 1 oz I Love Barbie silver coin

For both collectors and investors, the I Love Barbie™ silver coin offers a captivating chance to blend the charm of Barbie with investment potential. Being a limited edition and officially licensed, it holds rarity and high demand among Barbie enthusiasts and collectors alike.

While the coin's future value cannot be guaranteed, its unique features and the ongoing popularity of Barbie make it an appealing addition to any silver collection or savings.

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