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The 10 g Lady Fortuna silver bar is among the most famous ingots on the market. It’s beautifully decorated with the Roman goddess Fortuna and is considered a timeless classic as it was the first design to be featured on a precious metal bar.

So whether you’re a precious metals collector or looking to start investing in silver bars, this 10 g silver bar can be a suitable option.

Characteristics of a 10 g Lady Fortuna silver bar

This 10 g silver bar, produced by MKS PAMP, features the famous Roman goddess Fortuna as an elegant decoration. The silver bar measures 31 mm in length and 18 mm in width, and its purity reaches 999.0‰.

Lady Fortuna is the first design to be illustrated on a precious metal ingot, making it one of the most popular silver designs in the world. Since its inception in the precious metals market, it has been the most popular bullion produced by MKS PAMP.

Fortuna was the daughter of Jupiter, the Roman god of the sun and light, and is celebrated as the goddess of wealth, luck, and prosperity.

On the front of the bar, she is depicted with her mythical attributes, like the horn of wealth in her hands, which pours out treasures, and the wheel of fortune behind her.

On the reverse side, you can find important information such as the purity level, weight, and serial number.

If you’re keen to add diversity to your investment portfolio or precious metals collection, then you can buy silver products, like the Lady Fortuna silver bar.

Why buy Lady Fortuna products?

You might want to invest in Lady Fortuna products for several reasons.

Firstly, MKS PAMP is widely recognized for its outstanding craftsmanship and world-class reputation. The PAMP silver minted bars are of the highest quality and purity.

Secondly, MKS PAMP has introduced a number of innovative products, setting industry standards. One of these breakthroughs includes the iconic Lady Fortuna design, which was the first to be engraved onto an ingot. As a result, it’s highly popular and trusted worldwide.

Thirdly, the minted bars, like the Lady Fortuna, are produced using advanced machinery in Switzerland to ensure a high-quality finish.

Lastly, to guarantee the authenticity of the Lady Fortuna bar, MKS PAMP uses CertiPAMP packaging and the VERISCAN® system (which enables to identify registered bullion products and helps detect counterfeits.)

What is the value of a 10 g silver bar?

The cost of a 10 g Lady Fortuna silver bar is closely tied to the changing global silver spot price.

To figure out the price of this bar, you simply multiply its silver content by the current silver spot price and then include any charges, known as the "premium," which includes our margins but also the costs of production and operations, such as handling and warehousing.

Another way is to click the price of the bar, where you can access the current value. You'll find a breakdown of:

  • The total cost
  • The intrinsic value of the silver (also useful when you plan to sell your bar)
  • Any additional charges

Since silver prices shift daily, it's a good idea to check the silver price before making your purchase so you make an informed decision.

How to buy 10 g silver bars?

You can buy a 10 g silver bar using our secure and user-friendly website.

We provide a range of payment methods for greater flexibility and convenience, allowing you to start saving in silver right from your home.

What’s more, you can easily and safely resell your silver to us at any time at the current metal value without any commission or extra charges.

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