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How to Use the Auto-Savings Feature?

By automating your gold and silver purchases, you can steadily build your savings while enjoying the benefits of physical assets that have historically retained their value.

On this page, we will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide of how to get started with our Auto-Savings feature:

  • Step 1: Go to the GOLD AVENUE Shop. To begin, head over to the GOLD AVENUE online shop. Here, you can explore a wide range of products available for purchase.
  • Step 2: Filter by Auto-Savings. To find products eligible for the Auto-Savings feature, use the "Auto-Savings" filter. By clicking on it, you'll be able to see the specific products that you can include in your Auto-Savings plan.
  • Step 3: Choose Your Product(s). Browse through the available product and choose the one that fits your budget and investment goals.
  • Step 4: Access the Product Page. Once you've selected a product, click on it to access the product page. Here, you will find detailed information about the product and its specifications.
  • Step 5: Activate Auto-Savings. On the product page, you'll see an "Auto-Savings" button. Click on this button to activate the Auto-Savings feature for the selected product.
  • Step 6: Set Up Auto-Savings. After clicking on the Auto-Savings button, a window will appear, allowing you to configure your Auto-Savings plan. In this window, you can choose the quantity of products you want to buy, as well as the frequency of your purchases — weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Step 7: Review Your Cart. Once you've set up your Auto-Savings plan, proceed to the cart. You will find your chosen product with the Auto-Savings feature activated. This section will display the frequency you've selected, as well as the quantity of products in your plan.
  • Step 8: Storage in Swiss Vaults. It's important to note that the Auto-Savings feature includes storage only. This means that the products you purchase with Auto-Savings will be automatically stored in GOLD AVENUE's secure Swiss vaults.
  • Step 9: Finalize Your Order. To activate and start your Auto-Savings plan, simply finalize your order. Review your cart, ensure all details are accurate, and proceed to the payment and checkout process.
  • Step 10: Plan Management. Once your Auto-Savings plan is activated, you can easily manage it through your GOLD AVENUE account. Access your account, and you'll find your Auto-Savings plan listed there. This section allows you to keep track of your savings, monitor their growth over time, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

What advantages come with the Auto-Savings feature?

  • Automating your savings in precious metals: Through the automation of your gold and silver purchases, you can steadily grow your savings while experiencing the advantages of tangible assets that have historically maintained their value over time.
  • Flexibility and Commitment: One of the great advantages of the Auto-Savings feature is its flexibility. You have the freedom to modify, pause, or even cancel your Auto-Savings plan at any time, giving you full control over your savings strategy.
  • Storage and Security: Our Swiss vaults provide secure storage for your precious metals. You can enjoy free storage of up to USD/EUR 10,000 (£8,500) in value, providing added reassurance as you expand your portfolio of precious metals.

Our Auto-Savings feature is designed to simplify your savings in precious metals. By following the step-by-step guide outlined on this page, you can easily set up your Auto-Savings plan and start saving effortlessly.