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How to Raise Your Purchasing Limit and Unlock All Payment Methods?

You can increase your purchasing limit and unlock all payment methods from your GOLD AVENUE personal account. Give us a little bit of information about yourself. Voilà, it’s done. You can now place an order with your new pending purchasing limit

Raising your purchasing limit and unlocking all payment methods is easy. From your GOLD AVENUE personal account, go to “purchasing limit” section, click “start” and complete our three-step process.

Step 1

Choose between a purchasing limit of up to CHF100,000 and no limit. In either case, all payment methods will be unlocked.

Step 2

Submit a few information about:

  • Why you want to buy precious metals
  • Your nationality(ies)
  • Your country of residence
  • Your occupation
  • The origin of your funds

Step 3

Verify your identity by uploading your proof of address and taking a picture of your identity document or of yourself with your smartphone.

Good news! You can place your order right away without having to wait for verification and validation of your answers and documents.