Royal Australian Gold Coins

Royal Australian Gold Coins

The Royal Australian Mint (RAM) is the facility for the minting of Australian coins. It is located in the Australian federal capital Deakin, on the outskirts of Canberra. The building was officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh on 22 February 1965. It was the first Australian Mint not to be a branch of The Royal Mint in London.

The only other operational centre in Australia is Perth. Inaugurated in 1899, it is mainly used for the production of precious metal coins such as the Gold Kangaroo or the Lunar Calendar gold coins.

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Metal Bid Ask Change
Gold $1,798.00 $1,805.70 $0.00

Currently, they proudly mint all the circulating Australian coins, as well as all the historic collection series available. These collections include coins like the Chinese Lunar Gold Coins and the famous Kangaroo Gold Coins.

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