Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf

Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf platinum coin is the official platinum coin of Canada and is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. It is one of the purest coins in the world with 99.95% pure platinum (0.9995). Until 2009, fractional size editions were also produced in addition to the one ounce platinum coin. The latter is the only one still produced today.

On our website you can find only the Maple Leaf 1 ounce platinum coin (31.1 grams). 1/10 ounce platinum coins (3.11 grams) are available, but not from the Canadian Mint.

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Metal Bid Ask Change
Platinum $830.00 $851.28 $0.00

"As on gold or silver coins, the front of the coin shows Queen Elizabeth II, the face value ($50 Canadian) and the date of printing. On the reverse are visible the maple leaf, the weight of fine platinum with its purity, the inscription ""Canada"" and the mint mark. This is a product suitable for anyone who wishes to purchase investment platinum coins.

At GOLD AVENUE, we have a wide selection of platinum products. Both for those who wish to collect coins and for investors looking for a return on their investment. Platinum is an excellent product to diversify your portfolio with precious metals. Our team is at your disposal if you need advice on how to start your coin portfolio".