My coins came with scratches or dents, is it normal?

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My coins came with scratches or dents, is it normal?

On GOLD AVENUE you will find two types of coins:

- Legal tenders, such as the Maple Leaf, American Eagle, or Kruggerand coins. These are newly minted coins, often marked BU, for Brilliant Uncirculated, meaning the coin has not been previously in circulation and retains its original purity but can have some minor deficiencies in quality compared to a Proof coin.

- Vintage coins such as the Swiss Vreneli or the various French Napoleon coins. These vintage coins have already been in circulation and can therefore bear scratches, dents, or marks. However, they retain their indicated weight and purity.

Coins sold on GOLD AVENUE are not aimed at collectors, but are mainly intended for investment purposes. You therefore cannot select a specific year or grade for coins purchased on our website, those will be assigned randomly to your order.

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