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How to Store Your Precious Metals With GOLD AVENUE?

GOLD AVENUE offers storage of your precious metals, with insurance against theft, loss, and damage included. You can store up to CHF10,000 for free.

The insured storage is our solution for storing your precious metals in our secure vaults. It allows their resale at any time and without commission and includes insurance against theft, loss, and damage.

“Insured storage” can be selected when purchasing your precious metals:

  • Go to your shopping cart
  • Select "insured storage"
  • Click on the button "continue"

A new window will pop up with your storage fees level. Storage is free up to CHF10,000 in stored value, then it costs CHF8 per month up to CHF100,000. Please contact us if you would like to have a higher stored value.

Good to know: Precious metals stored with GOLD AVENUE are kept out of our balance sheets. This means that whatever happens, you remain the sole owner of your products.