Australian Mint silver coins

Australian Mint silver coins

If you’re looking to buy silver, then you’re in the right place. At GOLD AVENUE, you can find silver coins from internationally renowned mints, like the Australian Mint.

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The history of Australian Mint coins

The history of Australian Mint coins is rich and spans several centuries. The Royal Australian Mint, which is responsible for producing Australia's circulating coins, commemorative coins, and medals, was established in 1965.

In 1910, Australia gained its own currency, the Australian pound, and began issuing its own distinctive coins featuring iconic native animals, monarchs, and symbols. The first silver coins specific to Australia were also minted this year featuring the reigning monarch, King Edward VII.

In 1966, decimal currency was introduced, where the pound was replaced with the Australian dollar, and the Royal Australian Mint was established to produce these new coins.

Since its inception, the Royal Australian Mint has been known for producing high-quality circulating coins and commemorative coins. These coins often feature Australian cultural icons, historical events, and themes that celebrate the nation's heritage.

How to recognize authentic Australian Mint silver coins?

Australian Mint uses several marks of authentication so you can tell what is a real silver coin.

There are six indicators of authenticity, and not all products have all of them. These indicators include the presence of the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on Australian legal tender coins, a barcode, a case made of black timber or paper pulp, a round taper lock capsule, the Royal Australian Mint logo with either the Commonwealth Coat of Arms crest or text logo, and a signed certificate of authenticity by the CEO of the Royal Australian Mint.

One easier way to ensure that you are buying genuine silver coins is to purchase from a trusted seller like GOLD AVENUE. Our silver coins collection comes from trusted and widely recognized mints, guaranteeing their authenticity.

What is the value of Australian Mint silver coins?

The value of Australian Mint silver coins works the same way as any other precious metals. To calculate the coin’s worth, you can multiply the weight of the silver content by the current spot price. The spot price is the current market price at which silver can be bought or sold.

It’s also important to remember other possible fees, such as premium, which includes any production and operational costs, along with our margin.

To make this process easier for you, we have provided a breakdown of the price for each product. You can view this breakdown by clicking on the product's price. Before buying silver coins, it’s a good idea to check the current silver price to ensure you make an informed decision.

How to store your Australian Mint silver coins?

There are two ways to store your silver coins.

One option is to use our unique storage solution and keep your coins in our Swiss vaults. These vaults are highly secure, independent of the banking system, and inaccessible to the public for safety reasons. Additionally, your silver coins will be insured against theft, loss, and damages. You can start storing your silver coins with us for free, up to €10,000/£8,500. And if you decide to sell your coins back to us, you can do so immediately without paying any commission.

Alternatively, if you prefer to store your coins at home, make sure you have a secure place to keep them and that your insurance provider covers your coins in case of any loss or theft. You can also learn more about other internationally recognized mints, like the following:


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