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Can I see which products have the lowest margin?

On our shop, you will see information on the margin (also called "premium") for each product just below its price. We have 3 different indications, depending on the type of products:

  • Margin per ounce: this indicator calculates the margin for each ounce of metal contained in the product, it is mainly used for larger products.
  • Margin per coin/bar: this indicator shows the total margin for the product, it is mainly used for smaller products (less than 1 oz) as the margin per ounce would be less relevant.
  • Collectible: for products whose primary purpose is collection rather than savings or investment we do not show the margin in the shop, however you can always see it in the pricing details on the product page.

While it is not possible to sort products by their margin level, you can go to a product's page to see the pricing details, including each product's margin, by clicking on the "i" located next to the product's price.

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