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Why is the price of the products in my wallet lower than their purchasing price?

Here is the composition of a product's price:

TOTAL PRICE: This is the price you will pay to purchase a product. It is composed of the metal value, the margin, and the VAT (Note: gold is VAT-free in Switzerland).

METAL VALUE: This is the amount you see in your wallet, what you will receive if you sell this product back to us immediately. GOLD AVENUE does not take any commission on the buyback and will pay you the full metal value at the time of your sale.

MARGIN: The margin (also called "premium") includes the production and operational costs (handling, warehousing, etc.), as well as our reseller's margin. It is the only part of the price taken by GOLD AVENUE.

VAT (Value Added Tax): In Switzerland gold is VAT-free, other precious metals are charged a 7.7% VAT rate (the lowest in Europe).

For each product, you can see these details by clicking on its price.

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