PAMP Switzerland gold bar

PAMP Switzerland gold bar

You can buy Swiss PAMP gold bars right here at GOLD AVENUE. These bars are one of the purest gold bars available in the market and are made from 24 karats (99.99%) fine gold. Read on to learn more about these bars, so you have a well-rounded understanding before you buy gold.









What’s PAMP Switzerland?

PAMP Switzerland is the world’s leading precious metals refinery based in the Ticino region of Switzerland. Its name, PAMP, stands for “Produits Artistiques Meteaux Precieux” in French, which translates to “Artistic Precious Metal Products”. They produce the purest and highest quality 24-karat gold bars.

The History of PAMP Switzerland

Established in 1977, PAMP is known worldwide for its exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality products. MKS PAMP refinery specializes in refining gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to create premium bars and coins. As a leader in the industry, PAMP is trusted for its authenticity, purity, and security features. Its commitment to excellence and stunning designs have made it one of the most prestigious and sought-after names in the precious metals industry.

Products offered by PAMP Switzerland

PAMP Switzerland provides a full range of high-quality precious metals products for various markets, including investment, jewelry, and industrial sectors. They've also developed a portfolio of Carbon Neutral and Carbon Measured products, certified by the Carbon Trust. This move is part of the company's efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and meet the changing needs of consumers.

PAMP Suisse offers cast bars in all four major precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. These products come in different sizes, weights, and purity levels to cater to different customer needs. Additionally, the company manufactures minted bars in all primary precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These products are available in different sizes and weights (ranging from 1 g to 1 kg) and feature unique and captivating designs that appeal to investors.

At GOLD AVENUE, you can buy gold bars, including the iconic Lady Fortuna and the Lunar Calendar minted bars with Chinese zodiac symbols. We also offer multipacks of 1-gram bars, offering more flexibility if you choose to resell them. 

You can also buy cast bars, ranging from 50 grams to 1 kg. Our minted and cast bars come with a purity level of 99.99%, making them a great investment choice.

What makes PAMP gold bars special?

Other than the fact that PAMP gold bars are created by a world-renowned manufacturer and are highly regarded, they also come with several other benefits that make them special.

Let’s explore these in more detail!

How are PAMP gold bars manufactured?

PAMP gold bars are meticulously manufactured with precision and expertise using state-of-the-art machinery. The process begins with sourcing high-purity gold bullion, which is melted and cast into molds to form the bar shape. After cooling, the bars are pressed with intricate designs, including the PAMP logo, weight, and purity details.

Each bar undergoes strict quality control to ensure it’s 99.99% pure. They’re then securely packed in tamper-resistant packaging and come with certificates of authenticity.

The different formats available

In short, we provide cast and minted bars.

Cast bars are produced through a process called "casting". This process involves melting gold and pouring it into molds to create various sizes and weights of solid bars. The famous PAMP seal is stamped on our gold bars, consisting of four circles with a letter spelling the word PAMP. Below the seal, important information such as the exact weight, purity level, and serial number is stamped along with the word "Suisse".

Minted gold bars are produced using precision machinery to create high-quality, standardized gold bars with intricate designs and a polished finish. GOLD AVENUE’s minted bars feature the iconic Lady Fortuna design, and we also have the PAMP Lunar Calendar bars featuring the Chinese zodiac signs.

Quality and purity of gold used

Our gold bars have a purity level of 99.99% and are manufactured by MKS PAMP Switzerland, a globally renowned gold refinery. Our gold bars are also LBMA certified, meaning they stick to strict quality and purity standards set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This certification guarantees that the gold is authentic, has its claimed weight and purity, and is of superior quality.

Certifications and formats offered by PAMP Switzerland

Each bar comes with a purity certificate. With just a few clicks, you can download certificates of ownership for all your stored products and effortlessly access your invoices.

What is the price of a PAMP gold bar?

The price of a gold bar depends on the gold spot price. Since gold prices fluctuate daily, it’s a good idea to check the day's gold price before making a purchase.

To calculate the price of a PAMP gold bar, you can multiply the gold content by the current gold spot price and then add the fees, also known as “premium”.

On the product page, you can easily view the current value of each PAMP gold bar. Simply click on the price to see a detailed breakdown of the costs, such as the total price, the metal value, the fees, and the VAT charges.

How to store your PAMP gold bars safely?

Before buying PAMP gold bars, consider where you’d like to store your metals. Let’s go into more detail about your storage options below!

The storage options offered for your PAMP Switzerland gold bars

When buying PAMP Switzerland gold bars, you have two options for storing your products. The first is to take advantage of our secure and free storage facilities in Switzerland. Our vaults are independent of the banking system and insured against theft, damage, and loss, providing you peace of mind knowing your metals are highly protected and safe.

Alternatively, you can have your products delivered to your home. Simply select this option at checkout. We deliver to many countries globally, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, the U.S., and the U.K. You can access the list of countries and our standard shipping rates on our pricing page.

Each delivery is discreetly packaged, and you can track your order online using a tracking number until it reaches your hands.

It’s essential to ensure you have a secure place to store your gold and speak to your insurance provider to guarantee your precious metals are protected.

Handling and protecting your PAMP Switzerland gold bars

While gold is a durable metal, it’s a very malleable metal. That’s why it’s important to handle your bars with care if you store them at home. Wear protective gloves, and store them in a safe and dry place to avoid any potential damage or wear.

Reselling PAMP Switzerland gold bars

Our secure platform lets you resell your stored metals anytime without any commission fees. You can sell your gold bars at the current market price, with no minimum or maximum amount required. This convenient and secure option provides peace of mind when selling your products.

Before selling your gold bars, checking the latest economic and financial news and the current gold price is always a good idea.

Gold bars formats available on the market

GOLD AVENUE sells a variety of gold bar sizes and types, including: