Napoleon III gold coins

Napoleon III gold coins

Napoleon III Gold Coins are a series of historic gold coins that were minted during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III of France. They should not be confused with Napoleon gold coins, which were minted during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804.

What are Napoleon III Gold Coins?

Napoleon III was the last monarch and the first president of France. He was the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, which is why the two share the same name. Napoleon III gold coins were minted by Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) during his reign between 1852 and 1870 in various denominations. They hold both historical significance and gold value, making them highly sought-after among coin enthusiasts and investors.

Design and Features of Napoleon III Gold Coins

The design of Napoleon III Gold Coins showcases the image of Emperor Napoleon III on the obverse side (the side of a coin bearing the head), typically depicted in a regal pose. The reverse side (the tails or back side of the coin) of the coins displays the French coat of arms or other national symbols, reflecting the pride and grandeur of the Second French Empire during Napoleon III's rule.

These coins were struck in different denominations, including 100 French Francs Napoleon 3, 50 Francs Napoleon III, and as little as 5 Francs. Each denomination has a unique design but all feature a laureate bust of the Emperor. The 20 Francs coins are among the most popular and feature the imperial coat of arms and Napoleon’s portrait either bare-headed or wearing a laurel wreath.

What are the different designs of Napoleon III Gold Coins?

Some common designs include:

  • The 100, 5, and 20 French Francs Napoleon III coins typically feature a French-armed shield with an eagle in the centre. Other designs including a laurel wreath and rooster were minted but are scarcer.
  • 50 French Francs Napoleon III coins feature a French imperial coat of arms.

However, the portrait of Napoleon III differs between denominations as well as years, with designs including:

  • The "Laureate Head" depicts Napoleon III with a laurel wreath on his head typical of the 20 Franc denomination.
  • The "Crowned Head" shows the Emperor with a royal crown, which is notably found on 100 Franc coins.
  • The "Napoleon III with Beard" portrays him with a beard, which was introduced later during his reign.

A Brief History of Napoleon III Gold Coins

Napoleon III Gold Coins were minted during a significant period in French history, known as the Second French Empire. The earliest coins date to 1852 with the latest minted in 1870 when Napoleon III's reign came in the Franco-Prussian War.

Until this point, Napoleon III was a well-liked ruler of France. After a period of political instability, he implemented various modernisation projects and played a crucial role in the industrialisation of France.

Why Invest in Napoleon III Gold Coins?

The coins’ connection to the Second French Empire and the captivating era of Napoleon III's rule adds to their value. Investing in Napoleon III Gold Coins offers historical significance and potential financial rewards, since like other gold coins, they carry intrinsic value due to their gold content.

Investment gold coins can be a more secure and flexible way to invest in gold. They are smaller and, therefore, easy to store and maintain. Their size also means that they are more affordable than most gold bars and offer greater flexibility when it comes to selling them.

Tips for Identifying Authentic Napoleon III Gold Coins

For your Napoleon III gold coins to have any value, however, they need to be authentic and 100% genuine. There are numerous counterfeits produced in tungsten and gold-plated lead, for example, but these can be identified by their weight, shine, and absence of essential mint markers that genuine Napoleon III Gold Coins will always have.

To ensure you are buying genuine coins you can:

  • Examining the coin's weight and dimensions, which should match the specifications of the original coin.
  • Checking for clear and sharp details in the design, as counterfeits may lack precision.
  • Consulting reputable numismatic experts or dealers for authentication.

We do not recommend the popular ‘Ping Test’, however, as this can cause damage to the coin, which could reduce its value.

Differences between Napoleon III Gold Coins and Other Gold Coins

While Napoleon III Gold Coins share similarities with other gold coins, their unique historical context sets them apart. The specific designs and denominations of Napoleon III Gold Coins make them distinct artefacts from the Second French Empire, which collectors find particularly appealing.

Best Practices for Storing and Protecting Your Napoleon III Gold Coins Investment

Keeping your Napoleon III gold coin in its original condition is essential to maintaining its value. So to preserve the value and condition of gold coins, you will need to ensure proper storage and protection. This can include:

  • Using protective coin holders or capsules to prevent physical damage. However, avoid using PVC-free materials for coin holders to avoid chemical damage. Some PVC materials can cause discolouration and damage to the coins over time.
  • Storing coins in a cool, dry, and secure environment to avoid tarnishing or corrosion
  • Handling coins with care, using gloves if possible, to prevent direct contact with skin oils

Tax Implications of Investing in Napoleon III Gold Coins

If you are in the UK, investing up to £5,000 in gold remains untaxed as part of the CGT (Capital Gains Tax) allowance. However, if you sell gold coins for over £5,000 profit, CGT applies.

With Napoleon III Gold Coins valued between £700 and £1,800 on average (price in August 2023) and each, you will be able to sell a few before you will reach this level of profit. But, if you buy gold to collect them and not sell, you will not be required to pay any CGT. However, be aware that UK tax laws and regulations are subject to change over time, so we advise you to consult a financial advisor or tax professional for the most current information.

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