999 silver bars

999 silver bars

If you’re looking to buy silver to diversify your portfolio, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a wide range of silver bars from the world-leading brand, PAMP. These silver bars are of high quality and suitable for beginner and seasoned investors.









What are 999 silver bars?

Our silver bars are made up of high-quality fine silver with a purity level of 99.90%. These bars are produced by the highly-esteemed MKS PAMP refinery and come in various sizes and weights suitable for beginner and advanced investors.

At GOLD AVENUE, you can find cast and minted bars along with collectibles. Our minted bars are the world-famous Lady Fortuna bars that have set industry standards as they were the first to embellish a bar.

We also have a range of collectible silver bars, like the Lunar silver series, celebrating the Chinese culture and heritage. Due to their aesthetic appeal, these bars can be a perfect gift for a loved one.

Investing in 999 silver bars

Investing in 999 fine silver bars has several benefits.

First, collectible bars can have extra value beyond their metal content depending on their rarity, history, or aesthetic appeal. This means their worth may increase among collectors and when reselling.

Second, silver is a tangible asset with intrinsic value. It’s a physical asset that can be touched and felt and is a finite resource, unlike paper money. This rarity adds to its worth.

Thirdly, historically, silver has been used as currency and as a store of wealth. Silver has been used as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties. Today, silver’s value persists, driven by industrial demand, investment appeal, and as a precious metal with diverse applications. Silver's enduring value reflects its versatility and enduring appeal.

Lastly, silver bars can be used as a way to diversify your portfolio depending on your investment strategy. The smaller bars can offer greater flexibility for when it’s time to sell part of your silver investment. While the larger bars come with lower premiums and can be suitable for longer-term investment.

You can check our collection of 1 oz silver bars and 1 kg silver bars. We also have a variety of silver bars ranging from 10 g to 15 x 1 kg.

The value of 999 silver bars

To calculate the value of silver bars, you need to multiply the weight of the bar with the metal value. After that, you can add any extra charges like fees (also called “premium”) and VAT to get the final price.

You can check the price breakdown for each bar by clicking on the product’s price.

The breakdown includes:

  • Metal value: This will be the amount you’ll receive when you resell your bar. This is why it’s a good idea to check the day’s silver price before selling your bar to ensure you make an informed decision.
  • Fees or premium: This takes into account the production and design costs, logistics, and our margin.
  • VAT​​: Silver is subject to VAT, unlike gold. Depending on your region, you will pay up to 20% VAT. But we offer a range of VAT-free silver products that are stored in a tax-free economic zone.

Storing and maintaining 999 silver bars

Our storage solution is simple and hassle-free. You can simply make the purchase, and we sort out the rest.

You can store your silver bars for free (up to €10,000/£8,500) in our highly secure vaults in Switzerland. They’re independent of the banking system, and we don’t include your bars in our balance sheets.

We take the safety and security of your silver very seriously. That's why our vaults are insured against theft, loss, and damage.

But, if you choose home delivery, ensure you have the appropriate insurance cover and a safe place to store your silver bars. We deliver to multiple regions, including the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, China, South Africa, and many more.

How to sell 999 silver bars?

When you store your silver bars with us, you can enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access and the ability to resell them instantly. We buy your silver bars at the current spot price with no extra fees or commission charges.

You can also use the performance tool available in your Wallet to track the real-time value of your products. This tool can help you decide when it's time to sell your bars.