Silver coins

Silver coins

Silver coins can add a touch of history as well as be a valuable addition to your investment portfolio. Silver coins not only embody the historical narratives of bygone eras but can also offer some advantages for investors seeking to increase their exposure to precious metals, making them a valuable investment choice.

Moreover, silver is often less expensive than gold and can therefore be a good investment option for beginner investors. So, if you’re looking to buy silver, coins can be a good place to start.

Why invest in silver coins?

Some of the main benefits of investing in silver coins include:

  • Selling ease: coins offer greater ease of division compared to other products, such as bars, simplifying the selling process.
  • Diversification: incorporating silver into your investment portfolio not only adds diversity but can also increase your exposure to precious metals.
  • Accessibility: silver coins can serve as an accessible entry point for investing in precious metals. They are often more affordable than other precious metal products and can be relatively easily converted to cash.

Which silver coins to buy?

Our range includes pure 999 silver coins, each with a unique design, from music themes, such as the Austrian Philharmonic silver coin to classic motifs, like the patriotic silver Britannia coin. Silver coins come in various sizes, from 1 oz silver coins to the robust 1-kilo champions.

Silver coins: mints of the world

When it comes to silver coin investments, think globally. Coins issued by renowned global mints such as the Royal Mint of the UK and the Monnaie de Paris in France serve as both legal tender and commemorative pieces, often marking significant events, anniversaries, or historical milestones.

Coins from top-tier mints stand out in the world of precious metals. The renowned Canadian Maple Leaf, the elegant Royal Britannia, and the distinct Australian Silver Kangaroo are more than just treasures to behold. These coins are supported by their respective national mints, guaranteeing their value, quality, and standing as smart investment choices.

Why consider these global mint silver coins:

  • Trustworthy authenticity: guaranteed by their respective national mints, ensuring reliability.
  • Protection in uncertain times: their worldwide reputation adds extra safety.
  • Uniqueness: each coin blends unique design and historical importance.
  • Smart investment: well-known global coins provide secure strategy, making them a dependable choice for precious metals investors and savers.

For investors, adding these prestigious coins to their portfolio brings together the historic stability of precious metals and the peace of mind that they're making a long-lasting investment.

Explore the world's most renowned mints:

Silver coin collections

Explore our silver coin collection, curated for both collectors and investors. From limited mints and modern releases, there's something for everyone:

What to know before buying silver coins?

Before making your first silver coin purchase, it's wise to familiarise yourself with key factors such as purity and weight. These elements play a pivotal role in shaping your investment's value and potential.

  • Purity matters: pay attention to silver's purity. Look for coins with a high silver content, such as 999 fine silver coins.
  • Weighty decisions: different coins come in different weights. Choose a weight that fits your budget and investment goals.
  • Designs with flair: silver coins can be like miniature works of art. Explore various designs, from popular culture to history. More fanciful or rare designs often serve as collector's items as well as investments.
  • Price watch: keep an eye on the silver price. Like all savvy investors, stay in the loop with market trends. This way, you can try to buy at the most opportune time. Of course, it’s famously tricky to time it, so you also may not want to endlessly wait, chasing ever-lower prices.
  • Storage solution: properly store your silver coins in a secure and dry environment. A secure storage solution like ours ensures their longevity and safety.
  • Diversify your collection or savings: consider investing in a variety of silver coins. A diverse collection can add versatility to your investment strategy.
  • Stay curious: these coins typically have pretty impressive histories. Uncover their origin story to add some allure to the experience.

Silver coins to protect your assets

Coins offer a tangible form of wealth that can be relatively quickly liquidated when needed. In times of economic uncertainty, silver coins can also act as a reliable hedge against inflation and help to protect your assets.

Historically they have low sensitivity to other markets, meaning they can be useful for diversification and risk management when it comes to investing.

Silver coins to protect your investment portfolio

Precious metals, including silver, are a widely accepted counterbalance to stocks and bonds investment. Having investments in multiple commodities can help secure your assets even in volatile markets. This is known as diversifying your investment portfolio, and it can help minimise some of the risks that may be associated with investing

Modern silver coins and historical silver coins: what are the differences?

Investors have two choices when it comes to silver coins.

Opt for newly minted coins with modern designs, boasting impeccable condition and vibrant details. Alternatively, historical silver coins, bearing the marks of time and usage, serve as charming relics with intricate engravings—a living time capsule from bygone eras.

Here are some key differences between modern silver coins and historical silver coins:

  • Legal tender: modern silver coins are typically legal tender in the country of issue, while historical silver coins may no longer be legal tender.
  • Rarity: some historical silver coins are rarer than modern silver coins, and may be more valuable as a result.
  • Condition: historical silver coins can vary in condition, from mint to heavily worn. The condition of a historical silver coin can have a significant impact on its value.
  • Historical significance: some historical silver coins are more valuable due to their historical significance. For example, a silver coin that was minted during a major historical event may be more valuable than a silver coin that was minted during a more peaceful time.

How to choose between buying silver coins or other physical silver products?

Silver coins are a popular and accessible way to buy silver. But they are not the only option. There are different forms that silver is available in, including silver bars.

However, there are certain advantages to investing in silver coins instead of bars:

  • Divisibility – because coins weigh less than bars, you have more flexibility to liquidate smaller amounts, so it’s worth deciding if that’s important to you.
  • Tax – coins that are classed as legal tender can be exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). For example, coins that are considered legal tender in the UK are typically exempt from CGT. This includes British silver Britannia coins and certain European silver coins.
  • Price – the lighter weight of coins means that they can be cheaper to buy than bars. So for smaller silver investments or if you are just starting out in precious metals investing, coins are a good choice.

Which type of silver product you choose will depend on which suits your investment goals best. But, with so many choices, you're bound to find the perfect silver piece to sail into your investment portfolio.

Protecting and storing your silver coins securely

Safeguarding your precious trove of silver coins is as crucial as guarding a buried chest of doubloons. Proper storage isn't just about safety — it can even add some extra shine to your coins' value too.

You'll need to keep your silver coins in a cool and dry environment with low humidity to prevent any tarnishing. Individual capsules or coin holders can help defend against scratches and nicks.

How to sell your silver coins?

If you decide to cash in on your investment, you'll need to be aware of what's happening in the precious metals market. Here are some key tips to consider when it’s time to sell:

  • Follow the silver price
  • Don't forget that authenticity certificates and a well-documented history will add credibility to your sale.
  • We'll buy back your coins at live market price with 0% commission.

If you are ready to start your silver investment, our curated collection can help you make the most of the opportunity. Start exploring all our silver coin collections.


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